Comfort when admission

get hospital benefit up to 2 times*

Pay a short premium for 10 years**

, cover up to 80 years

Receive maturity

benefit at age 80

Get additional benefit

in case accident death

Enjoy tax deductible benefit.

Suitable for

  • Customers who would like to protect their income when they meet the unpredictable situation
  • The customer who is looking for a worthwhile protection plan
  • Insurable age 1 day – 60 years. Coverage period until 80 years

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*In case hospitalized caused by Accident

** premium payment for base plan 10 years and for riders until age 79 years old

  • Insured by FWD Life Insurance Public Company Limited.
  • SCB is only an authorized broker.
  • Insurable guideline refer to Underwriting procedures of FWD Life Insurance Public Company Limited.
  • Buyers must understand the details of coverage and conditions before deciding to insure.