Guaranteed cash benefit

Cash benefit every 3 years, maturity benefit is not less than total premium paid

Care your health

Medical and healthcare fund covering OPD, IPD, dental, optical, vaccination, health check-up

Share to family members*

Medical and healthcare fund benefit can be shared to family members

All coverage in one policy

Comprehensive coverage and no health questions, fixed premium rate and is entitled to tax deduction

Suitable for

  • Those requiring life protection and cash return along with health care in one policy
  • Those requiring a flexible backup plan to cover medical expenses in case of necessary situation. Insurance premiums paid is not wasted and can be a saving plan for the future
  • Those wishing to provide life protection and health care for yourself and family member
  • Those looking for life insurance plan to cover medical expenses which is easy to apply, and no health questions required
  • Premium payment mode: Annually

Life insurance premium and Health insurance premium (if any) can be tax-deductible according to the Notification of the Director-General of the Revenue Department on Income Tax


* Remark 

        (1) For plan annual premium 300,000 – 1,000,000 baht, the insured can share medical and healthcare fund benefit to family members (according to ‘co-insured’ definition in the policy contract) by stating family member details up to 4 persons in an insurance application form. Entry age of family members must be between 1 month - 75 years. Coverage period for family members will be according to policy term or until the age of 85, and all family members will receive life coverage of 50,000 baht per person (death benefit of a family member will be paid to the insured) 

        (2) Family members include husband, wife, partner, children, parents, brothers, sisters and including persons with kinship relationships such as grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousin


Contact at SCB Branch

  • Insured by FWD Life Insurance Public Company Limited.
  • SCB is only an authorized broker.
  • Insurable guideline refer to Underwriting procedures of FWD Life Insurance Public Company Limited.
  • Buyers must understand the details of coverage and conditions before deciding to insure.