Open an online savings account with identity authentication at 7-Eleven (for new customers)


Open an online savings account via the SCB EASY app in just 3 simple steps


1. Authenticate your identity at 7-Eleven with your ID card and your photo.



2. Download the SCB EASY app. Select SCB EASY ID authentication.



3. Follow the instructions and provide complete data as required.



  • Conveniently open an online savings account anywhere via the SCB EASY app.
  • Earn interest of up to 1.5% p.a. from the first baht to 2 million baht -- high returns and low risk.
  • No minimum amount requirement for account opening
  • For new customers who have never had any SCB product (The service is provided under the Bank of Thailand’s regulatory sandbox).
  • This identity authentication process requires ID card verification and an ID photo taken at the point of service.

Accounts available for opening via the SCB EASY app

No-passbook (online) savings account with interest up to 1.5% for deposit amounts between 1 – 2,000,000 baht

Deposit amount Interest rate (p.a.)
1 – 2,000,000 baht 1.50%
Over 2,000,000 baht 0.50%

*Interest rate is 1.5% p.a. until further change as announced by SCB.

**Account opening is available via the SCB EASY app during 07:00 am – 10:30 pm only.

***Outward fund transfer limit is 100,000 baht/day (No limit for inward fund transfers). If you contact an SCB branch to add your signature to the account, the outward fund transfer limit can be over 100,000 baht/day, which will be effective for every transaction channel.

Detailed instructions on identity authentication at 7-Eleven and online savings account opening

Instructions on identity authentication at 7-Eleven



1. Insert your ID card into the card reader.



2. Have your photo taken for identity authentication.



3. Enter your mobile phone number and set a password.



4. Accept the terms and conditions and confirm.


Instructions on account opening via the SCB EASY app



1. Download the SCB EASY app from the App Store or Google Play.



2. Open the SCB EASY app. Select “No.”



3. Select SCB EASY ID authentication.



4. Select “ID authenticated. Continue.”



5. Check the mobile phone number provided. Tap “Next.”



ุ6. Enter your ID number. Tap “Next.”



7. Enter your temporary password set at 7-Eleven.



8. Tap “Next.” Answer FATCA questions.



9. Select online savings account to enter details.



10. Review the details. Tap “Confirm.”



11. The account is successfully opened. Tap “Next” to accept the terms and conditions and confirm the OTP.



12. Set a 6-digit PIN.



13. Successful registration. Tap “Next” to start using.




What you need for account opening


For account opening

Your National ID Card

For identity authentication

Your mobile phone number

For receiving an OTP

Service terms and conditions

Account opening

  • Account opening is available via the SCB EASY app during 07:00 am – 10:30 pm.
  • Your identity authentication at 7-Eleven will remain valid for 3 days. You will need to make a new identity authentication transaction if you do not complete the process within that timeframe.

Transactions and fees

  • On the SCB EASY app and Internet banking (SCB Easy Net): No fee for fund transfers from your online savings account to other accounts and cardless ATM cash withdrawals.
  • At SCB branches:
    • Cash and cheque deposits
    • Withdrawals
    • Fund transfers
    • Request to add your signature
    • Apply for an ATM or debit card
    • Close the account
  • At SCB ATMs/CDMs: Cash deposits and cardless ATM cash withdrawals

Other options for opening an online savings account



Open an account with identity authentication via another banking application

Identity authentication at an SCB ATM