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Natural persons account only, a minimum monthly deposit is 500 Baht  (500 Baht increments), must be deposited at the same rate every month. The deposit will be deposited on any date within the month, deposit once a month (or 1 period). The due date will count from the last deposit for another month.



Automatic transfer service to Bonus Savings 36-Month account without a trip to the branch, allowing easier saving service with Auto Renew, depositors started a new round automatically, without having to open a new account at the branch.
High interest, tax exemption

High interest, tax exemption

Provide better interest rate than general deposits, as an alternative to making money grow and also getting tax exemption.

Document Required

Identity Verification

ID card (A foreigner using a passport and work permit), or a government official card, or a State Enterprise Employee Card

Proof of Passport

Acceptable primary proofof identity includes, but is nolimited to, original.

Proof of address

A document issued by a government department that shows your address.

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