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Deposit into foreign currency deposit accounts can be categorized into three types: 1. Foreign currency source, 2. Domestic source of income with encumbrance, 3. Domestic source of income with unencumbered. Foreign Currency Deposit Account Service is for business people, individuals, and foreigners, help to reduce fluctuating exchange rate risk, maximize efficiency in foreign currency management.

You can open an account with SCB in the following foreign currencies:US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Pound Sterling (GBP), Australian Dollar (AUD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Danish Krone (DKK), Swiss Franc (CHF), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Chinese Yuan (CNY), Singapore Dollar (SGD), Malaysia Ringgit (MYR), Indonesia Rupiah  (IDR)

High liquidity

High liquidity

Increase flexibility, reduce exchange rate fluctuations.
More options and hedges.

More options and hedges.

Adding alternative investments to savings, cost efficiency, and prevent the risk of exchange rate fluctuations.

Document Required

Identity Verification

  • ID card (A foreigner using a passport and work permit), or a government official card, or a State Enterprise Employee Card
  • Evidence of residence (if the ID card does not include residential information or the individual is an alien)
  • Work Permit or Residence Permit in Thailand for non- resident customer

Proof of Passport

Acceptable primary proofof identity includes, but is nolimited to, original.

Proof of address

A document issued by a government department that shows your address.

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