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In addition to the other benefits of a debit card, the SCB S Smart Extra Plus Debit Card provides income compensation in case of hospitalization for injury or illness. The cardholder is insured in case of accident, with 24-hour service worldwide covering basic medical expenses as well as lump sum compensation for disability or death.
Income compensation

Income compensation

Reimburses loss of income of 500 baht per day during inpatient treatment from accident at a hospital, with a maximum of 365 days per incident
Covers medical expenses

Covers medical expenses

Pays for medical treatments for an accident up to 5,000 baht per incident, with no limit on number of incidents.

Required documents

Identity verification

Copy of I.D. card, passport, government employee card or state enterprise employee card.


Please submit SCB passbook to verify your bank account.


  1. You may receive a return that is less than the amount you invest in the case of any fund with a partial risk guarantee. 
  2. Read about the investment policy and operations of each fund at 
  3. For more information and a prospectus, please contact any SCB branch.  You should understand the investment product characteristics, conditions, returns and risk before making a decision to invest.

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