0% interest installment payment



For all at the Department Stores all-year-round. When you shop any at the Department Stores via credit card for 3,000 baht or more/sale slip.


Terms and conditions:

  • Every 25 baht for any items purchased under 0% interest installment payment at the Department Stores will be subject to 2 x M Points.
  • The cumulative points earned already include normal points in M Card.
  • M Points are calculated based on monthly installment payment and are accumulated in the specified M Card number.
  • If the card is canceled before the full payment is made, the cardholders will be charged the remaining balance immediately.
  • The cardholders must make a full monthly installment payment for the total amount billed. They are not allowed to make a minimum or partial installment payment. If they pay less than the monthly installment payment amount billed by the Bank, they are deemed to default on the total payment, and the Bank has the right to charge the maximum interest rate in the event of default and to charge a debt collection fee and other expenses.
  • In case cardholders wish to pay for the outstanding installment amount before the installment payment due date, they must inform the Bank via SCB M Call Center 1295 before the payment due date. They must pay for the outstanding installment amount.
  • The cardholders must comply with the Bank’s terms, conditions, and regulations on all types of installment payments.
  • The approval of the installment payment is subject to the Bank’s discretion, and the Bank has the right to change or cancel rules, terms and conditions, duration, and benefits or cancel this promotion any time without prior notice. In case of dispute, the Bank’s decision is final.