Happy Spend: Receive cash back up to 1% on every spending
Happy Saving: The more you spend, the more you save, receive 1% more interest on fixed deposit
Happy Birthday: Receive a cash back up to 4% on birthday

Happy Spend

Receive cash back up to 1% on every purchase of products and services


Happy Saving

The more you spend, the more you save with additional 1% interest in your fixed deposit


Happy Birthday

Maximized Cash Back up to 4% on Birthday


Happy Meals

Receive cash back up to 5% in the specified restaurant category of 4 family special days (Children's Day, Family Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day)


Discount for car rental up to 20%

Enjoy 20% discount on all car and boat rental service when booking through calling 1279 or


Travel with relief

Free Travel Insurance when traveling overseas and domestic and pay airfares via SCB FAMILY PLUS credit card, Insured by The Deves Insurance Public Company Limited.


Personal 24-Hour Secretary Services Every Day

Please call 0 2777 7777




Terms and Conditions and Fee


Qualifications for Principal Cardholder Enrollment

  • Age 20 years and over - 70 years of age
  • Minimum income 15,000 Baht up / month

Qualifications for Supplymentary Cardholder Enrollment

  • Age 15 years and over in the case of not over 20 years of age must be a supplementary cardholder of father / mother only


Supporting documents for card application

Required documents for the primary card application

In the case of a regular employee / government official / state enterprise employee:

  • Copy of ID card / copy of government official card / copy of state enterprise employee card;
  • Salary statement or current salary slip;
  • Copy of bank statement for the past 3 months (payroll);


 In the case of a business owner: 

  • Copy of ID card;
  • Copy of company registration / partnership from the Ministry of Commerce;
  • Copy of the last 6 months deposit statement (personal account)


Supporting documents for supplementary cards

  • Copy of ID card / copy of government official card / copy of state enterprise employee card;
  • Copy of the ID card of the primary card


In case of using a copy of government official card / state enterprise employee's card, a copy of the household registration must be attached.

Note: Only credit cards can apply for ATM services on credit cards to withdraw cash from savings or current accounts at all branches after the card is approved, with a service fee of 200 baht / year.


First Entry Fee/ Yearly First Year

  • Principal Card: Free
  • Supplementary Card: Free

Following Year Annual Fee

  • Principal Card: 2,000 Baht/year
  • Supplementary Card: No Fee

 Fee waived when spending 50,000 Baht / year