Automated service for paying salaries, wages, or other benefits to an employee's account via online banking for business.

Automated Employee Payroll Service

Automated service for paying salaries, wages, or other benefits to an employee's account via online banking for business.

Automated Employee Payroll Service: "Guaranteed payment on time, non-stop service," guarantee payroll transfer to an employee's account in the Siam Commercial Bank by 6.00 hrs. of the effective transaction date*

  • Transmit money transfer orders every day;
  • Secure by submitting orders and approving transactions via online banking for business;
  • Additional services: Deposit account for insured employee's work -related to the risk and potential damage from the employee work (SCB Surety Account) and Group Accident Insurance (SCB Payroll PA).

* Conditions are as specified by the Bank.



  • send / receive data: Money transfer via online bank transfer for business, 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
  • can make money transfers in advance;
  • can transfer multiple items with a single command.


  • with the highest security standards, Firewall, SSL (Secure Socket Layer: 256 bit);
  • set transaction privileges, and authorize Dual Controls (Maker and Signer).


Reducing the company’s undertaking and expense.
Complete information

Complete information

Complete and accurate report on money transfer transactions, both in pdf and txt format, convenient for account reconciliation.


  • Providing employee benefits with Payroll Employee Solution;
  • Free! ATM installation service, simply apply for the SCB Payroll Package:l
    • Number of employee payroll accounts of 500 or more per installation point;
    • The installation area is secure, and general customers can use it on holidays and after working hours.
  • Payroll account opening service for employees by the company is not required to provide documents with two main methods:
    • Account opening service at the company;
    • Account opening service at Bank branches nationwide by using letters sent by Bank.
  • Additional services of SCB Payroll:
    • Check the information of the payee (SCB Pre-registered Payment) to prevent the wrong payroll;
    • Additional services for group accident insurance (SCB Payroll Group Personal Accident) is a group accident insurance service for employees who receive payroll through Siam Commercial Bank accounts;
    • Electronic Cash Card Products (SCB CASH CARD) provides to business customers so that the company can use it as a way to pay salaries, wages, or various types of compensation to the employees or partners that receive this card. The cardholders can use the card at SCB ATMs and ATM Pools nationwide.

Payroll Process Flow


Qualifications and application documents

Identification documents

  • Copy of the identification card of the authorized representatives of a juristic person;
  • Copy of business registration certificate, issued not over 6 months.


Bank account

Having current account or savings account with Siam Commercial Bank.

Application channels

  • For more information, please contact SCB Business Call Center, call 0 2722 2222;
  • Please kindly inform your requirement to the customer relations manager;
  • Contact the branch where you have accounts.

The condition

  • Account with the Bank:
    • The company has a current account or savings account with Siam Commercial Bank;
    • The company's employees must have a Savings Account with Siam Commercial Bank. If any  employee is unable to open an account with Siam Commercial Bank, such employee can apply for a SMART Payroll Service (additional fees may apply).
  • Data transmission: Users must send information to the Bank in advance or on the pay day.

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