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Introducing 3 mutual fund options for your selection


Diversify your investments across asset classes.

Morningstar rated funds*

SCBFIXEDA Risk Level 4 Investing in fixed income bonds 4-star rating by Morningstar for Thailand Fund - Short Term Bonds as of 31 January 2022.

International Index Funds

SCBWORLD(A) Risk Level 6 Realize returns based on the MSCI World Index.

Save money for your retirement

SCB’s Best-selling SSFs/RMFs in 2021*

SCBLT1-SSF Risk Level 6 Investing in Thai stocks and fixed income bonds to earn dividends.
SCBRM4 Risk Level 6 Invest in stocks with strong fundamentals, well-suited to current market conditions.

Long-term potential for increased returns

Thai Stock Funds*

SCBSEA Level 6 Investing in no more than 30 Thai stocks, with the fund manager adjusting the allocation to suit market conditions.
SCBDVA Risk Level 6 Investing in Thai stocks with dividend policies.

Investment terms & conditions

* Notes :

  • The SCB Chief Investment Officer's recommended funds for April 2022– June 2022
  • Before making any investment decisions, investors should familiarize themselves with product characteristics, return conditions, and risks, as well as the tax benefits detailed in the SSF/RMF Investment Handbook, as they may forfeit tax benefits by not adhering to investment conditions.
  • Mutual funds that invest primarily in foreign assets and do not fully hedge against foreign currency risk may expose investors to the risk of losing or earning money due to exchange rates or receiving returns less than their initial investment.
  • Past performance is not indicative of future performance.
  • Information on the best-selling SSFs/RMFs through Siam Commercial Bank's channels as of 30 December 2021
  • Investors can obtain additional information about the Master Fund by visiting the SCBAM website.
  • Please contact any SCB branch for additional information.



  • Investors should understand the nature of products, return conditions, and risks involved, and study the tax benefits as specified in the SSF/RMF Investment Handbook before making an investment decision. Investors are not entitled to tax benefits if investment conditions are not fulfilled.
  • For mutual funds focusing on investment exposed to foreign exchange risk without hedging against foreign exchange risk in full, investors may lose or gain from the exchange rate, or receive returns lower than their initial investment amount.
  • Please study information about the master fund from SCB Asset Management’s website.
  • For more information, please contact any Siam Commercial Bank branch.


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