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SCB can provide receivables financing when your company exports under a BPO and submits its trade data to SCB to examine.

You can request receivables financing in either of two forms:

1)       Without Recourse – Your company requests financing without using its credit line at SCB.  This type of financing may be requested if the matching of trade data is successful or if there is a mismatch but the mismatch is accepted by your customer's bank (the Obligor Bank). If your customer's bank fails to transfer the funds, SCB has no right of recourse to your company.

2)       With Recourse – Your company can request SCB provide financing based on its credit line with the Bank. On the payment due date, if the Obligor Bank fails to transfer the funds, SCB has the right to require your company to make payment.


Supports receivables financing under BPOs from Obligor Banks all around the world

Get our professional assistance at any of SCB's International Trade Service Centers located nationwide. Or send instructions to the Bank online.

  • Reduces the collection period for payment of goods as trade receivables can be converted into cash under receivable financing within the BPO limit
  • For Receivable Financing Without Recourse under a BPO, your company does not need to use its credit limit with SCB
  • Gives your company a competitive edge because you can extend credit terms to a customer
  • Expand your distribution to almost any country in the world, including new markets that have high risks

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