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  •  SCB offers collection service for an Outward Bill under a Letter of Credit (L/C). After your company delivers the goods and presents the documents to the Bank, SCB will deliver those documents to the L/C Issuing Bank for payment.
  • The Issuing Bank will examine the documents to make sure they comply with the terms and conditions under the L/C. If there is any non-compliance, you can make the amendments needed to prevent a decline of payment.
  • When the L/C Issuing Bank sends payment to SCB, we will inform you and credit the money to your account.


Get fast, accurate and reliable assistance from SCB's experienced personnel, including the services of our Certified Documentary Credit Specialists (CDCSs), who are ready to assist you in every step of the process

Provides reporting of foreign currency transactions according to the requirements of the Bank of Thailand

Get professional assistance from any one of SCB's International Trade Service Centers conveniently located nationwide

  • Rest assured that documents presented for payment conform to the terms and conditions under the L/C, reducing risk that payment might be declined
  • SCB follows up on payment collection on your behalf
  • Increase your company's liquidity by asking SCB to buy or buy at a discount the documents presented under the L/C, with or without recourse

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