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  • SCB provides short-term working capital financing to your company when you ship goods under a Letter of Credit (L/C) or Bill for Collection (B/C).  The value stated in the trade documents determines how much financing we can provide.
  • SCB will send the collection documents to your customer's bank (the L/C Issuing Bank). After SCB receives their payment, we settle the financing provided to your company.
  • Purchase/Discount of documents under L/C can be done in either of two ways:
  • 1. Purchase/Discount with recourse is when SCB has a right of recourse to your company if the L/C Issuing Bank does not make payment on the L/C.

    2. Purchase/Discount without recourse* is when SCB has no right of recourse to your company if the Issuing Bank does not make payment on the L/C. In this case, SCB accepts the risk of the L/C Issuing Bank.

    * Under terms and conditions determined by SCB.


    Fast approval of credit according to the value of the documents presented for collection

    SCB's trade professionals provide fast, accurate and reliable service. Our Certified Documentary Credit Specialists (CDCSs) are ready to assist you in every step of your transaction

    Supports purchase/discount without recourse of L/Cs from L/C Issuing Banks around the world

    Get expert assistance from any of SCB's International Trade Service Centers conveniently located nationwide

    • Helps you better manage liquidity with post-shipment working capital financing
    • Reduces the hassle of chasing after payment because SCB follows up on your behalf when we purchase/discount a bill without recourse
    • Has no impact on your company's credit facilities. As the Seller, your company can convert Accounts Receivables into cash when SCB purchases/discounts without recourse.
    • Helps to expand your customer base by facilitating sale of goods under L/C with trading partners all around the world, even in new or unfamiliar markets that might have higher risks
    • The credit facilities fit your business cycle because the credit terms are derived from the value of the sales/purchase of goods as specified in the documents for collection

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