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SCB's Outward Bills for Collection service helps your company export by using a Bill for Collection (B/C) to be paid. After delivering the goods, you compile all related trade documents and present them to SCB to be forwarded to your customer's bank. Your customer must act according to the conditions before the trade documents can be released to allow receipt of goods. In general, there are two types of conditions:

1.       Documents against Payment: D/P

2.       Documents against Acceptance: D/A

When your customer's bank receives payment and transfers it to SCB, we will inform you and credit the funds to your company's account.


A Bill for Collection (B/C) is a sale and purchase transaction whereby the trading partners agree that the Seller will gather all trade documents after delivering the goods and send these documents to the Buyer via the Buyer’s bank. That bank will ensure that the Buyer has complied with all the conditions before the documents are released to allow receipt of goods.


Provides fast, reliable service thanks to SCB's experts specializing in foreign trade documents

Provides reporting of foreign currency transactions according to requirements of the Bank of Thailand

Get expert assistance at any of SCB's International Trade Service Centers conveniently located nationwide

  • Convenient, because SCB sends documents for collection and follows up on payments on your company's behalf
  • Increases your company's liquidity if you ask SCB to buy or buy at a discount the trade documents/bills*
  • *Under the conditions of the Bank.

    **Application form can be downloaded from or picked up at any of SCB's International Trade Service Centers located nationwide.

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