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  • SCB's L/C Confirmation Service gives you assurance of payment when exporting into emerging-market countries or other risky circumstances. If your company has doubts about a customer's L/C issuing bank or potential instability in the customer's nation, SCB's L/C Confirmation service is the answer.
  • You must inform your customer to issue the L/C by nominating Siam Commercial Bank (SWIFT Code: SICOTHBK) as the L/C Advising Bank, L/C Confirming Bank and L/C Negotiating Bank. The payment method must be via Reimbursement.
  • If the L/C Issuing Bank fails to make payment, or if the country of the Issuing Bank restricts such payment, SCB will make the payment on the L/C when you submit collection documents in compliance with the L/C conditions 


SCB confirms payment for L/Cs issued by various banks around the world

Get professional assistance from any one of SCB's International Trade Service Centers conveniently located nationwide

  • You can produce or deliver goods with confidence that you will be paid
  • Reduce the risk of non-payment by an unfamiliar or doubtful L/C Issuing Bank
  • Expand your client base by exporting under L/Cs with new trading partners around the world and into new markets that may carry higher risks
  • Increase your business's liquidity by making use of the confirmed L/C to request SCB to buy/discount documents under L/C

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