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  • Let SCB prepare your export documents for you. We help you save time and trouble by producing the Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Exchange, etc.
  • We coordinate with all related parties to issue the required export documents, including Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading, Insurance Policy, etc.  SCB provides expert advice and works with trustworthy business partners to help you. We'll reserve shipping container space or other transport; deal with the Customs Department; respond to requests for goods certificates; etc.
  • SCB will keep you informed on the status of the document preparation and help compile documents for payment collection. We also follow up on payment to ensure your speedy receipt of funds. Our service covers all types of documents required under the different payment methods of a Letter of Credit (L/C), Bill for Collection (B/C) or inward remittance for Open Account.


Easy and real time tracking of documents with invoice number

Reports are available both in pdf and excel format

On-demand display of total, complete, and in-process documents as well as different types of export bills. Viewing reports by date range is also available.

Increases accuracy, speed and convenience for your export business by correctly preparing documents for all types of payment (L/C, B/C and Open Account). SCB's professionals understand the legal requirements for international trade transactions and provide expert service.

SCB coordinates smoothly with all parties involved in issuance of your export documents

SCB integrates your transaction information with our own electronic data to ensure your export documents are done correctly, quickly and efficiently


  • Your export documents are correct, increasing your customer's satisfaction
  • Increases your company's liquidity by speeding up receipt of payment
  • Helps your company accurately forecast cash flow
  • Helps your company prosper and grow by letting it focus on core business
  • Reduces the hassle, time and cost of preparing export documents yourself
  • Reduces errors in documents needed for L/Cs and reduces receivables risk
  •  Reduces your need to recruit, train and manage personnel to prepare export documents

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