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  • SCB will speedily confirm your trade data via a Transaction Matching Application (TMA) when serving as your Recipient Bank under a BPO
  • After shipping goods to a customer, your company submit its trade data to SCB, which checks for compliance against the BPO. We feed your trade data into the TMA for electronic verification. SCB informs you whether the result is a match or mismatch.
  • If the TMA returns a match, SCB will inform you of the payment due date beforehand. If the result is a mismatch, SCB will inform you whether or not your customer decides to accept the discrepancy.
  • On the payment due date*, SCB will transfer the funds into your account after your customer's Obligor Bank has paid for the goods.


* Only in instances where the TMA check is positive, or where a mismatch is accepted by your customer via its Obligor Bank.


Accurate, fast and efficient results thanks to TMA system that verifies trade data automatically, backed by the assistance of experienced SCB personnel in every step of the transaction

You can easily submit an application online or at any of SCB's International Trade Service Centers located nationwide

  • Gain accuracy in forecasting your cash flow and be certain of date of receipt of payments for goods
  • Digital matching via TMA is faster than settling an L/C, which requires manual confirmation of trade data by bank personnel
  • No discrepancies (when compared to an L/C) because SCB and your customer's bank agree to rely on TMA to match trade data
  • You can send your trade data to SCB online via file attachments, sending originals directly to your customer

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