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Keep on top of your trade transactions with SCB Trade Email Notification service. For each of nine key types of international transaction done via the Bank, SCB will send you a status alert via email:


1. Import Letter of Credit (L/C) and Domestic Letter of Credit (DL/C)

2. Inward Bill for Collection (B/C)

3. Shipping Guarantee/Delivery Order Endorsement

4. Trust Receipt Under Telex Transfer (T/R Under T/T), Trust Receipt (T/R) Local Purchase



1. Export Letter of Credit (L/C) and Domestic Letter of Credit (DL/C)

2. Outward Bill for Collection

3. Packing Credit               



1. Outward Remittance

2. Inward Remittance


Get transaction information right away

Manage your company's cash flow more efficiently

Leverage other related transactions like production preparation, goods delivery, receipt of goods, document preparation, etc.

Save on time and expenses


SCB emails you an update at each step of your international trade transaction as soon as completed. You don't need to waste time calling the Bank.


  • Application info and terms  

·        Get an application form free of charge from any of SCB's International Trade Service Centers located nationwide

·        Email notifications are PDF files sent to email address on record with the Bank

·        Apply and submit documents to the Bank before 15:00 and be notified of the results on the next day

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