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SCB RMB Trade Settlement helps you handle transactions for imports, exports and foreign currency remittances in Chinese yuan.


Import Services

- SCB Letter of Credit Issuance

- SCB Inward Bills for Collection

- SCB Shipping Guarantee/Delivery Order Endorsement

- SCB Trust Receipt Financing

Export Services

- SCB Letter of Credit Advising

- SCB Packing Credit

- SCB Outward Bills under Letter of Credit/Outward Bills For Collection

- SCB Outward Bills Purchase/Discount under Letter of Credit and Bills for Collection

Remittance Services

- Inward Remittance

- Outward Remittance

Foreign Currency Exchange

- Value Today, Value Tomorrow, Spot

- Forward Contract


Increases your bargaining power. You can negotiate better prices when you pay in RMB because your Chinese trade partners don't need to spend on hedging.

Reduces currency risk because RMB is less volatile than USD.

Diversifies your currency risk. Helps a business with sales and purchases in a single currency and wanting to diversify from that currency.

1.       For outward remittances: To ensure that your supplier receives funds within the same day, your transaction request should be submitted before noon on a normal bank working day (for outward remittances to China only).

2.       For inward remittances: To ensure you receive funds promptly, remittance instructions should be made correctly and in full. For your convenience, SCB has prepared stickers providing information on remittance of RMB. These stickers may be picked up from an SCB International Trade Manager or at any of our International Trade Service Centers located nationwide.

3.       Transaction conditions: Transactions must be done per the conditions of SCB and the beneficiary bank.

4.       SCB reserves the right to make any amendments or cancel any information without advance notice.

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