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Finance your export orders reliably no matter where you ship. SCB's Export Bill Discount without Recourse and Letter of Credit Confirmation are services whereby the Bank takes on risk on behalf of your company as exporter, whether it be the risk of non-payment of your customer's Issuing Bank or the Country Risk of your customer's L/C Issuing Bank. These risks can include Political Risk and Transfer Risk among others. If your company exports, it can utilize this service to eliminate these risks and also utilize SCB’s related services for post-shipment financing in the case of an Export Bill Discount without Recourse.

SCB is able to undertake the abovementioned risks for partner banks located in more than 130 countries around the world under our Product Program to undertake Country Risk and L/C Issuing Bank Risk. We also have other tools on hand for risks not covered by our Product Program.

·        Currently, the bank can undertake the risk of more than 600 L/C Issuing Banks in 130 countries around the world*, including emerging markets in every region.

Note: * Risk Premium for discounting or fees for L/C Confirmation is dependent on the risk quality of the L/C Issuing Bank.


List of countries where SCB can consider offering Export Bill Discount without Recourse Service and L/C Confirmation Service*

* In providing this service, SCB will assess the risk quality of the L/C Issuing Bank in addition to that bank's Country Risk. The Risk Premium for Export Bill Discount or the L/C Confirmation fee is dependent on the risk quality of the L/C Issuing Bank.

If your trading partner is not included in the aforementioned list, you can send the details of your transaction directly to to explore how we can serve you with alternative solutions.


Broad coverage of trading banks

Increase business competitiveness with our Export Bill Discount without Recourse service and Letter of Credit Confirmation service

Supports your company in expanding its export business into new countries, giving it confidence to trade in places where it might have little knowledge or experience

Helps to create secondary revenue related to your export transaction; for instance, fee income or revenue from foreign currency exchange

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