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SCB provides beneficiaries' accounts pre-registration service to check the matching before the remitting process is initiated, which eliminates the danger of fake emails or providing an inaccurate account number, which may result in cash being remitted to the wrong accounts.
You can transmit the list of beneficiaries' accounts you want to pre-register by using the email address that you have enrolled with SCB. 1
  • The client must prepare the beneficiaries' information in the form of an excel file in accordance with the SCB guidelines.
  • During the production of the file, the customer must take careful control measures to ensure the authenticity of the beneficiaries' accounts, and tight control measures must also be conducted during the email to SCB.
  • SCB is required to only record information received from customers in the bank's database and to transmit the results of such recording to customers through e-mail. SCB is not responsible for the authenticity of such information.
  • If you transmit the payee's data file for pre-registration by 12.00 hrs., you will receive an email notifying the result of the record (Secured OR Registration Result Report) and the system will operate the last registered accounts the next business day.


Allows you to make a remittance request via SCB Business Net or SCB Business Anywhere as well as at an SCB International Trade Service Center near you.
Notifies the result as soon as the system discovers that the beneficiary's account information is wrong with the information registered with SCB.


Remittance Process


By simply pre-registering beneficiaries' accounts with SCB, you won't have to worry about funds not being credited to the recipient's account due to fake emails or other fraud. It also aids in preventing improper remittances from inputting incorrect account numbers.
By verifying the beneficiaries' accounts with the pre-registered database every time, funds will be transferred only for transactions whose account numbers match the database.
Real-time Notification
SCB will alert you instantly if the system compares the data and finds that it does not match.

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