Product Detail

SCB Dividend Management service optimizes handling of payments to shareholders by your company listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). We alert the Thailand Securities Depository (TSD) to pay dividends via SCB using the following methods:


TSD transfers dividend payout to shareholders via SCB Business Net and sends withholding tax certificate by post.

Cheque Dividend

TSD issues cheque for dividend together with withholding tax certificate and sends them to shareholder by post. TSD sends the cheque issuance data to your company via SCB Business Net for cheque registration.

Product Highlights

Improves cash flow management by automatically transferring dividends between group company accounts

You can monitor cheque status anywhere, anytime via SCB Business Net online banking service

Your company can change any cheque number or stop a dividend cheque online using SCB Business Net

Eliminates problem of returned cheques

SCB Business Net ensures that online approval process and data transfer are secure
Product Benefits

  • Reconciles your company’s account balance with ease using complete and accurate information without needing to search and verify data using separate statements
  • Manages dividends to enhance cash flow efficiency
  • Eliminates cheque registration errors, which reinforces the trustworthiness and creditability of your company
  • SCB Business Net ensures online security with highest standard of transaction authentication
  • Firewall, 256-bit encryption and secure socket layer (SSL) connection
  • Dual control authorization (maker and signer)