Product Detail

SCB Cash is an electronic cash card solution for corporates and entrepreneurs that serves as an alternative channel for employees and business partners to withdraw their wages, salary or other pay. You can conveniently authorize a payment online via SCB Business Net. The SCB Cash cardholder can withdraw money from any SCB ATM or pool ATM nationwide.


SCB Cash cardholder does not need bank account

Supports expats and migrant workers with prescribed permits, legal documents or passports

Corporate clients can immediately distribute pre-purchased cards without the need to travel to the bank

For corporate

  • Reduces risks of handling cash or making cash payments to employees and business partners
  • Reduces administrative burden for payroll processing
  • Allows instant transfer to SCB Cash Card for withdrawal by  employee or business partner

For cardholder

  • Reduces risks from handling cash
  • Can be used without a bank account
  • Cardholder may withdraw or transfer funds or pay for products or services at any ATM nationwide