Product Detail

SCB Direct Approve collects payments from the bank accounts of your business counterparts that have approved a direct debit, whether immediate or scheduled. The Bank instantly transfers payment to your company’s account and sends a debit report.


Enhances your cash flow management capability by holding payments due from your customers’ accounts. SCB transfers payment to your company when a direct debit is approved or scheduled.

Reduces all payment risks by automatically holding due payments from buyers' accounts

Get instant notification of payment result

Reduces administrative hassle and time needed for collection and deposits

Your company can submit a “debit approve” list any day of the week, Monday through Sunday


For Your Company (Payee):

  • Secure SCB collects and holds the payment when the sales transaction is completed or on payment due date
  • Easy Provides multiple channels for payment. You can submit a "debit approve" list any day of the week
  • Saves cost Reduces time and expense of collection process

For Your Business Counterpart (Payer):

  • Payment method is easy and secure
  • Your counterpart can earn interest even when payment amount is being held within their bank account prior to debit
  • Secures purchase in advance of payment