Dr. Sutivong was appointed as a President of the Bank on February 5, 2019. Previously, he served as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Strategy Officer of SCB Group. He joined SCB in 2010 and was appointed as Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer in April 2017 and Chief Financial Officer in May 2018.


Prior to joining SCB, Dr. Sutivong worked for over 10 years at leading multi-national corporations. He was with McKinsey & Company in its Southeast Asia Office, where he advised clients on strategy and corporate finance across multiple industries including telecommunications, technology, energy and government. Prior to that, he worked at Qualcomm Inc. in the U.S., where he led wireless telecommunications R&D and co-authored over 50 U.S. patents.


Dr. Sutivong holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University, U.S. and M.S. and B.S. degrees in electrical and computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, U.S.


* On January 21, 2020, Dr. Sutivong was appointed as CEO of SCB 10X Co., Ltd.