“Robinhood” food delivery platform to create jobs for AirAsia staff, offering economic security amid downturn


Thailand’s “Robinhood”food delivery platform for small players has teamed up with AirAsia to support airline staff by creating second jobs and additional income.  Under the collaborative effort, Robinhood will let AirAsia staff list their restaurants and home kitchen businesses on its platform.  Airline staff interested in earning supplementary revenue are also welcome to apply for delivery rider. In addition, Robinhood is also offering AirAsia’s famous Boba milk tea via the application for those missing it.  And finally, as part of the project, SCB 10X will also offer its “Mhao Mhao” e-commerce platform offering a wide selection of wholesale brands and manufacturers for airline staff interested in starting on-line businesses.  



In announcing the collaboration, Mr. Thana Thienachariya, Chairman of Purple Ventures Co., Ltd., as Robinhood’s developer and service provider, said that, “Tourism and airline businesses and their employees in Thailand and elsewhere were among the first to be affected by negative impacts due to the COVID-19 situation. Robinhood’s goal is to support small businesses, especially those experiencing economic difficulty, or those individuals seeking supplementary income to support their families. In line with its goal, The Robinhood food delivery platform is supporting AirAsia’s second job project in an attempt to create alternative jobs and additional income for airline employees by allowing them to list their restaurants and home kitchens on the Robinhood platform without any GP (Gross Profit fee).  These small eateries will not incur any additional operating costs, but will be able to receive payments to their accounts within an hour.  Currently, the Robinhood platform is also accepting applications for delivery rider positions, and will send a training team to provide training for airline staff interested in food delivery services as a means of acquiring a second income.  Apart from supporting airline staff, Robinhood will also list AirAsia’s Boba Milk Tea on its application, normally served only on flights, allowing those missing the famous milk tea to enjoy it once again.”


“Robinhood is committed to offering full support to small players, including the owners of small eateries and those experiencing difficulties amid the economic crisis caused by COVID-19.  Apart from creating jobs, this new option will provide an alternative career choice for AirAsia staff members.  To support airline staff interested in starting on-line businesses, but not knowing where to start, SCB 10X will provide its “Mhao Mhao” e-commerce platform, developed to provide a wide selection of wholesale brands and manufacturers as another choice for generating additional income,” added Mr. Thana. 


 Mr. Santisuk Klongchaiya, Chief Executive Officer of Thai AirAsia Co., Ltd., remarked that, “Our staff have affected from the decreasing number of flights due to the COVID-19 outbreak affecting the tourism industry and preventing us from resuming full operations.  The company has therefore tried to find alternative career choices for our employees.  We believe that collaborating with Robinhood will provide a channel for creating opportunities and offering new skills, providing participating staff with second jobs and additional income opportunities in addition to their primary jobs at the airline.  Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, many airline staff have learned to cook and opened shops or used their home kitchens to seek additional income.  Now Robinhood is allowing AirAsia staff to list their businesses on the platform without charging GP, offering new business opportunities for small players.  Being a Robinhood delivery rider offers another option for AirAsia staff.  We sincerely hope that we will be able to overcome this crisis together and come back to serve our passengers again with a smile when it is over.”


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