SCB and VISTEC launch “MISSION X” Boot Camp for top executives to align advanced digital mindset among Thai business leaders toward corporate transformation


Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) has yet again further extended its digital transformation strength by teaming up with the Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC) to embark on its “MISSION X” - Boot Camp for Advanced Corporate Transformation.  The training course will help Thai business leaders hone their strategic vision while at the same time assisting them in taking advantage of digital technology to transform the current economic downturn into exponential growth.  The training camp aims to create strong results from three main core competencies: Exponential Traits – Transcending physical traits with a technology mindset, Exponential Tech – Embracing the power of technology to create exponential growth results and Exponential Blueprint – Making a digital transformation plan for real-life adoption  The program will serve as a venue for bringing renowned tech and business gurus to offer tips and consultations on a one-on-one basis for each firm.  The first Mission X class will focus on the food and beverage business and will later be expanded to cover the hotel, wholesale-retail, and construction industries.   



SCB CEO and Chairman of the Executive Committee Mr. Arthid Nanthawithaya noted that over the past few years a wave of disruptive technology has struck everywhere in the world, shaking social and economic contexts.  Traditional businesses have been affected and gradually been replaced by new business models, utilizing innovation and technologies to create products and services as never before. SCB has been one of the first movers to transform the way it conducts business by adopting a digital transformation process.  Throughout the process, it has accumulated experience, doing things right and doing things wrong, but in the end allowing us to see tangible results.  Having realized these positive outcomes, we would like to share our ideas and experiences with other firms in order to support them in making adjustments and moving forward as technology steadily evolves. 



To further these goals, SCB and VISTEC have teamed up to develop a “MISSION X” - Boot Camp for Advanced Corporate Transformation which will allow leading firms in Thailand to free themselves from the  gridlock of conventional business operations and transition to advanced technology-led businesses capable of creating valuable productivity.  The move will serve as a mechanism for bringing the digital economy to reality, which will help increase our nation’s sustainable competitiveness in the global arena.  



VISTEC Chairman Dr. Pailin Chuchottaworn recently remarked that our world will never be the same.  In an era with new technologies emerging all the time and data becoming one of  the most valuable assets, the Thai business sector cannot be satisfied with their status quo.  We need to transform our firms by taking advantage of the combined use of technology and human resources to create optimal effectiveness.  Firms must understand their competencies and set definite goals.  Digital transformation is not merely about firms making massive investments to acquire new technology, but also their need to build a strong foundation of mindsets and beliefs to ensure that all employees have their eyes on the same goal.  This will drive a digital transformation that will steer the passion of everyone involved toward learning about and creating innovations, while never ceasing to extend their knowledge to ready themselves for unknown competitors and challenges.  It will be a transformation that will equip firms to tackle and survive with the right strategies, while empowering them even more in the business arena.  The “MISSION X”  Boot Camp for Advanced Corporate Transformation jointly developed by VISTEC and SCB will place its full focus on top technology knowledge that is both relevant and intensive,  allowing participants to apply it to their real lives for driving and growing their firms exponentially. 


WHA Corporation PCL, Chairman and Group CEO, Ms. Jareeporn Jarukornsakul, in her capacity as a Dean of the “MISSION X” Boot Camp for Advanced Corporate Transformation, said that the training course will support business leaders in overcoming conventional constraints and help them effectively embrace technological advancements to grow their businesses sustainably and continuously.  The   primary focus is on creating digital mindsets among participants, while offering motivation and inspiration through case studies from leading prototype firms.  The ultimate goal is to let them design practical digital transformation strategies to be adapted for real businesses.  This feature makes it unique compared to other courses previously offered in Thailand.  Each firm will have a personal consulting team, comprising technology and business experts, to provide advice on a one-on-one basis during the strategic planning process.  The first Mission X boot camp will be joined by executives from 26 leading firms in the food and beverage business with a strong potential to be outstanding at the global level.  The course will focus on how to integrate advanced technology into business processes for efficiency in four areas: energy savings, productivity, inventory and logistics, and maintenance.


SCB plans to expand the impact of its “MISSION X” Boot Camp for Advanced Corporate Transformation to strengthen other major industries in Thailand, such as hotels, wholesale-retail businesses, and the construction industry, which will serve as integral impetus for driving the nation’s sustainable growth in the long run.