ALPHA X set to launch vehicle loan business targeting HNWIs with new luxury vehicle ownership offers, eyes portfolio worth more than 20 billion baht by 2025


         Provider of financial services for high-end vehicles Alpha X Co., Ltd. is ready to officially begin ushering in a new era for Thailand's automotive finance industry by catering to the needs of high-net-worth customers, with services covering cars, large bikes, yachts, and riverboats. As an automotive asset sourcing partner and more than just a financial service provider, Alpha X will provide a superior experience, transforming HNWI passions into assets that can increase their wealth in the future. Alpha X is ready to collaborate with dealers and importers of all brands in order to capture 10% of the luxury automotive loan market by 2025, with a total loan portfolio of more than 20 billion baht.



           According to Alpha X Chief Executive Officer Wasin Saiyawan, during the past year the global luxury automotive market trend expanded rapidly in line with the increase in the number of high-net-worth individuals, the primary target group for this segment. Currently, Thai HNWIs account for approximately 1% of Thailand’s total population, or approximately 700,000 people, and their vehicle ownership lifestyles vary. Vehicle ownership is now considered a lifestyle asset, as well as a popular and growing type of investment that is part of the Passion Investment trend. Noting that only few market participants is focusing on lending specifically for this type of lifestyle asset, Alpha X sees the market as having significant growth potential. As a result, Alpha X is prepared to bring its financial capabilities as well as its understanding of high-net-worth customers to develop and create new experiences for them in Thailand.

With the development of automotive loan products meeting the lifestyle needs of wealthy customers, Alpha X will open a new frontier in financing, making it easier for HNW individuals to own premium to ultra-luxury vehicles, including luxury cars, yachts, or even boats. Alpha X will focus on providing personalized financial solutions and services to customers based on their lifestyles, such as hire purchase, leasing, refinancing, trade-in programs, and more. 


The company will also use advanced technology for KYC and credit approval processes, making the credit process more efficient and yielding faster results. Furthermore, customers will be served by a Relationship Manager with expertise in finance and an understanding of the automotive industry, who will provide information and advice to make every investment in a dream vehicle worthwhile.  As a companion to customers throughout the lifetime of the vehicle and in the future, these Relationship Managers will also provide consultation and after-sales care. Alpha X is also prepared to expand its collaboration with relevant partners, such as automotive importers and service providers, in order to integrate new services that better meet the needs of customers.


The luxury asset market in Thailand is a niche market that is constantly expanding, particularly the automotive market. In 2021, approximately 27,000 new luxury vehicles were registered, accounting for 5% of all newly registered vehicles with red license plates. It is expected that by 2022, the number will have increased to about 14%, while the overall prospect for luxury cars, both old and new, is expected to reach 65,000-70,000 vehicles per year, with an average loan usage of 70 – 80% of total sales. These figures show that borrowing from financial institutions is still a viable option for gaining access to this segment's desired assets. Alpha X has set a target of 5-billion-baht in total loans in 2022, the first year of its business operations, and expects to generate loan portfolio growth of more than 20 billion baht by 2025, or about 10% of the luxury vehicle loan market.


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