SCB, Let’s Do Good at Ban Pong Kluea School, Chiang Rai

            To improve their quality of life and promote learning for Thai youth, a team of executives and volunteer staff of Siam Commercial Bank’s Special Business Function led by Khun Sarunthorn Chutima, Head of the Special Business Function, recently participated in a SCB, Let’s Do Good: “For Kids and Their School” activity at Ban Pong Kluea School, Chiang Rai Province, for the second consecutive year. The volunteers arranged and handed over an outdoor swimming pool with roof so schoolchildren have proper swimming skills to protect themselves from drowning and encourage them to exercise. They jointly planted vegetables, gave mushroom seedlings to be used to feed schoolchildren at lunchtime, donated books to the library, and provided scholarships to needy schoolchildren using their personal funds. The volunteers also held a learning activity on the value of money to instill the schoolchildren with the value of saving and spending discipline so they share the knowledge to develop themselves and their families, communities, and society.

            Some of the volunteer staff participated in developing Ban Pong Kluea School in 2016. At that time they jointly built a mushroom breeding house, planted vegetables, painted buildings and hospital rooms, handed out medicine, released Nile Tilapia fish, provided learning kits to the library, and taught the value of money to the schoolchildren. These actions are just a part of the activities continuously held to promote learning and improve the school environment.