"Token X" joins "SC Asset" applying blockchain technology to create “SC Morning Coin"; utility token; offering seamless experiences and additional value on the "RueJai App”, with the first phase slated to launch 4Q22


           Token X Co., Ltd. (Token X), a subsidiary of the SCBX Group, is committed to being a "Tokenization Success Partner" by leveraging the synergy of blockchain technology and digital tokens to offer new experiences across several industries. Token X, as a technology provider, has recently announced a project with SC Asset Corporation (SC) to develop a ready-to-use "SC Morning Coin" utility token that can be used on the "RueJai App", which connects services and solutions in a variety of ecosystems to improve the quality of life for stakeholders in various sectors. The first phase of the token will be piloted in the fourth quarter of 2022 for SC Asset customers before expanding to other groups in the next phase.





           In sharing the news, Token X’s Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Jittinun Chatsiharach said, "Based on Token X's success as a technology provider for customers in the entertainment industry, we are once again ready to expand the capability and potential of blockchain technology and digital tokens to the real estate industry. To make good on that promise, the company will collaborate with Thailand's premier real estate firm SC Asset Corporation (SC) to build a "SC Morning Coin" utility token for the "RueJai App". Under the terms of this partnership, Token X will provide end-to-end tokenization services through consultancy and the development of a system to connect the application to the blockchain system based on Token X's TKX Chain network. This partnership will combine Token X's strong blockchain technology capabilities and knowledge with SC's visionary commitment to embrace advanced technologies in order to provide clients with superior services and solutions. The new utility token will make it easier, more accessible, and faster for everyone to enjoy a variety of benefits, reaffirming Token X's commitment to establishing business prospects for the future with the nation's major corporate customers across industries."


           SC Asset Corporation PCL., Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Nuttaphong Kunakornwong revealed that, "SC Asset is steadily continuing its four-year business plan (2022-2025) under the "SC Thriving for Good" concept, aiming to create sustainable growth while seeking new business opportunities through the adoption of technology. This engagement with Token X is a significant milestone in the company’s efforts to integrate blockchain technology into its core in order to improve the quality of life for every stakeholder through innovation and a human-centric approach. This action demonstrates SC Asset's dedication to creating products and services that match the needs of modern consumers. The "SC Morning Coin" will be crucial in connecting internal and external ecosystems to customers, employees, and business partners. It is anticipated that the first phase of "SC Morning Coin" service will be offered to clients in the fourth quarter of this year and will be expanded to serve other stakeholder segments in the future."


About Token X

Token X Co., Ltd. is an SCBX Group subsidiary pursuing its aspiration of becoming a “Tokenization Success Partner.”  The company is made up of competent teams ready to deliver a comprehensive range of digital token-related services, including consultancy, tokenomic design, technology selection, and digital token offering system provider.  Services under this project are within the scope of a Technology Provider, in addition to the ICO Portal business.


For more information, please visit www.tokenx.finance or www.facebook.com/tokenx.th, or contact contact@tokenx.finance


About SC Asset Corporation PCL (SC)

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