Robinhood stays true to its commitment to support small players, launching "Robinhood Rider App" to improve riders’ quality of life based on three core principles – “Increasing Income - Increasing Jobs - Increasing Opportunities"

  • Joining forces with two local partners, ETRAN and H SEM to launch the "Robinhood EV Bike" model assisting small guys.
  • First in Thailand to offer daily electric motorbike rental service for food delivery.
  • Introducing a new transportation fee of 43 baht for the first 2 km., up by 7.5%.


            With its firm commitment to fully support small merchants and food delivery riders, homegrown food delivery platform “Robinhood" has recently embarked upon a new journey by launching the "Robinhood Rider Application" for food delivery riders, focusing on three key principles -- increasing income - increasing jobs - increasing opportunities”.  The new application offers easy-to-use features, a fair job distribution system, same-day full payment without fee deduction, and most importantly, the introduction of a new fee rate starting at 43 baht for the first two kilometers, an increase of 7.5%.  Moreover, Robinhood has joined forces with local electric motorcycle manufacturers ETRAN and H SEM to introduce the "Robinhood EV Bike" model.  First among food delivery platforms, the new business model will allow food delivery riders to rent electric motorbikes via the Robinhood platform for only 120 baht per day.  It is hoped that the new application will help create more jobs and generate income for Thais amid rising unemployment.  SCB is also preparing to transform unused spaces at its branches into battery replacement points.  Plans call for more than 1,500 electric motorcycles to be available by 2021, and there will be over 100 battery replacement points throughout Bangkok.




        Speaking about the new application, Mr. Thana Thienachariya, Chairman of the Board of Purple Ventures Co., Ltd. stated that, “With Robinhood's commitment as a platform for small players, we aim to help restaurants, especially small ones, by not charging the GP fees imposed by other platforms.  This policy will continue.   As a result, we currently have over 97,000 restaurants listed on the application and expect to reach 100,000 providers by the end of June 2021. Apart from food shops, another important jigsaw piece critical to the food delivery business is delivery riders.  Riders are more than just delivery guys, but play an important role in delivering happiness to more than 1.1 million Robinhood subscribers.  Over the past eight months more than 15,000 Robinhood delivery riders have undergone intensive training and are recognized and appreciated by both customers and restaurants as “Gentlemen Riders”.  This unique characteristic sets Robinhood apart from other food delivery platforms.”


        In a bid to carry this “No GP” mission for small players forward, we are determined to help solve pain points for delivery riders, allowing them to earn the full amount of income without any fee deduction.  Fees from food delivery will be credited to their accounts within the same day and they will be provided with 24-hour insurance coverage and a fair distribution system. We hope this support will provide delivery riders with stable incomes, a better quality of life, and allow them to grow stronger together with the Robinhood platform,” added Mr. Thana Thienachariya.


        Mr. Srihanath Lamsam, Managing Director of Purple Ventures Co., Ltd. said, “In its first stage, Robinhood was developed for merchants and subscribers.  In order for Robinhood to be able to drive the entire ecosystem forward, we have developed the Robinhood Rider Application with a new user-friendly design, fair distribution system, and quicker customer service time.  The new application has been developed based on three core principles: 1) Increasing revenue with a new fee rate for the first 2 kilometers (an increase of 7.5%), starting at 43 baht and without any fee reduction, and a new "tip" feature coming in the near future, 2) Increasing jobs by adding express and mart services to promote an ecosystem favorable to both stores and customers.  This approach will create more jobs for delivery riders during off-peak food delivery hours,  and 3) Increasing opportunities by creating work and income for delivery riders who do not own motorcycles.”


        The aim of the “Robinhood EV Bike” project is to help create jobs for those facing hardship amid the economic crisis. We have therefore joined with two local partners, ETRAN and H SEM, which produce electric motorcycles, to bring more than 200 high-performance electric motorcycles for those interested in a career as delivery riders, both with or without a motorcycle of their own. They can rent electric motorcycles daily directly with ETRAN and H SEM at only 120 baht per day with over 18 battery replacement points throughout Bangkok. Electric motorcycles by both partners have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they are safe.  By the end of 2021 we plan to have more than 1,500 electric motorcycles available and more than 100 battery replacement points across Bangkok to provide opportunities and additional income, allowing delivery riders to take care of themselves and their families in the midst of a fragile economy,” added Mr. Srihanath Lamsam.





            Mr. Soranan Chuchat, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, ETRAN (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said, “The COVID-19 crisis has had a huge impact on our daily lives and makes delivery careers more attractive, critical for continuing the economy, particularly for small businesses.  As a small startup, ETRAN is delighted to partner with Robinhood in bringing its MYRA electric motorcycle model into use.  The model has been 100% designed and manufactured by Thais.  Despite its compact size, it is considered a very powerful vehicle capable of a maximum speed of 120 km/h and a maximum distance of up to 180 km per charging cycle.  These vehicles will play a part in increasing revenues and improving the quality of life of Robinhood delivery riders while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”




        Mr. Wanchai Leenawattana, Chief Executive Officer of H SEM Motor Co., Ltd. said, “We have expanded our brands by entering into producing electric motorcycles.  Designed and built by Thais to meet the needs of the Thai people, all H SEM electric motorcycles prioritize environmental protection and energy savings. We recently designed the H SEM MOBILA G electric motorcycle model with more efficient driving performance and an environmentally-friendly ride to better suit delivery riders.  The vehicle provides a maximum speed of 90 km/h and a distance of up to 140 km between charging.  We are excited and delighted to be partnering with Robinhood and believe that this collaboration will provide Thais with additional careers, create opportunities, and boost incomes for those who are interested in a career as a delivery rider.  Finally, the move will help preserve the environment for a better quality of life.” 

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