SCB launches “Manee Business Booster” to help SMEs find the right business mix for post-pandemic success



          Siam Commercial Bank is committed to continue supporting every customer group impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.  Toward that end, the Bank has launched a number of measures to assist its customers, particularly small SMEs, allowing them to adjust and prepare for moving forward once the outbreak has subsided. 


          In its latest move, SCB has developed a “Manee Business Booster”, an on-line tool to help businesses assess their market readiness and help them find the right combination for business success.  Designed to cover three major business pillars: cost reduction, increasing sales, and business expansion, the new tool will help ready retail operators tackle the new normal in the long term.   




          Ms. Auraratana Jutimitta, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Retail and Business Banking Officer, Siam Commercial Bank, said, “The COVID-19 outbreak has affected everyone, especially those in the business sector.  During the past few months, many businesses have experienced disruption, leading to a liquidity crunch.  Business owners are trying to reduce unnecessary costs and adjust their businesses for survival and to help them overcome the crisis, with on-line platforms becoming a major distribution channel.  We have observed this transformation to digital channels with increasing frequency, especially financial transactions from fund transfers or payments  conducted through mobile banking as consumers are trying to avoid handling cash.  When the pandemic is over, we will see new economic structures, consumer behaviors, business models, and “new normal” practices. 


“SMEs are the backbone driving the economy, with over  three million entrepreneurs behind them.  They serve as the nation’s biggest employment source, accounting for 82% of the total workforce, and are scattered all over the country.  Their business well-being directly affects employment and household incomes.  Realizing the importance of SME entrepreneurs, the Bank is committed to supporting business owners and retail businesses in overcoming this tough moment and tackling the new normal for business.  SCB has therefore researched and developed a tool called “Manee Business Booster” to assist retail business operators in assessing their readiness, finding the right fit for business success, and obtaining financial solutions suitable for their business.”


            The “Manee Business Booster” is an on-line tool assisting business owners in finding the right ingredients for business success.  The tool can be accessed via smart phone and computer with just a few simple steps.  By entering business information on the system will process the data to provide personalized solutions for each business type.  After that, a bank specialist will contact customers to offer personalized advice, including potential business partners to help top up your business in every perspective.  

            In addition, the “Manee Business Booster” tool also comes with three major solutions, comprising:


1.  Cost Reduction:

  • Manee Free Solution offers free transaction fees for transactions on digital platforms.  
  • Manee Mangkang current accounts offer an interest rate of up to 1% when fulfilling all the bank’s requirements


2. Boosting Sales:

  • The Mae Manee QR Code Application allows shops to receive payments easily via QR Code, reducing the risk involved in handling cash. 
  • Google My Business service helps increase your visibility and sales.   
  • Robinhood, a food delivery platform offering an alternative selling channel for food shops without GP, application fee, and quick payment within one hour. 


3.  Business Expansion:

  • Manee Than Jai Loans can be approved quickly via the SCB EASY Application to offer a funding source for business expansion.  


            “The “Manee Business Booster” also serves as a business center, with some 30 partners for business owners seeking special deals to make business operations easier and more efficient.  It functions as a useful source to make your business stronger, e.g. on-line marketing courses, shop management systems, packaging, logistics, and more.  SCB expects that the “Manee Business Booster” will assist SMEs in assessing their readiness and finding the right mix for business success, allowing them to sustain their business in the new normal environment and in the long term”, concluded Ms. Auraratana.