SCB jointly drives Sampran Model for sustainably balanced food system development


                   To help employees realize the importance of safe food and organic farming for good health, Siam Commercial Bank has joined with Sampran Riverside, the creator of the Sampran Model, and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth), to organize a “Design My Plate” activity in which more than 100 SCB employees participated at Sampran Riverside, Nakhon Pathom Province. The activity is part of a health promotion program encouraging working age people to consume at least 400 grams of vegetables and fruit per day.


                   In the morning session, participants learned about vegetable and fruit consumption through a “21-Day Vegetable and Fruit Miracle” activity, through a workshop and an interesting panel discussion on “New Life with Vegetable and Fruit Consumption” held to advise people of working age to consume more vegetables and fruit for a better life.


                In the afternoon, participants took part in work at the Pathom Organic Farm, an internationally recognized organic farm at Sampran Riverside, where they experienced organic farming on their own through four activities-based workshops, including fertilizing and improving soil, growing saplings, covering guava, and transplanting rice seedlings. All participating staff enjoyed learning and the activities, which will help make them smart consumers. More interestingly, a sample group of 20 bank staff committed to consuming 400 grams of vegetables and fruit daily for 21 consecutive days to ensure their better health.


                SCB has jointly supported the Sampran Model, a sufficiency economy philosophy-based business model linking producers to consumers, for sustainably balanced food system development. The bank has set aside an area for a monthly Suk Jai Market at its headquarters since 2016 to give employees easier access to buying organic farm products directly from farmers at fair prices. It also provides the farmers with an alternative income earning channel.