SCB employees stay united for “Say No to Disposable Plastic Bags with Handles” campaign


             Siam Commercial Bank employees recently joined forces to say ‘No’ to disposable plastic bags with handles as part of the bank’s “Say No to Plastic” project following successful reduction of plastic bottle waste by up to 80% in the first phase of the project.

             To forge ahead with its environmental protection campaigns as part of efforts to reduce adverse environmental impacts on human beings and other living things, SCB is continually making 20,000 employees aware of the importance of environment conservation and behavioral change for the sake of the earth. Staff have been encouraged to reduce and even stop using materials that negatively impact the environment and ecological systems to help eliminate a major source of pollution.

             In 2020, the “Say No to Plastic” Project plans to reduce disposable plastic waste in the office building through a campaign calling for employees to stop accepting and using 5 key types of plastic goods, including bottles, glasses, straws, bags with handles, and foam. The campaign is set to launch during January 1-December 31, 2020 at the SCB Head Office to ensure the office is free from all 5 types of plastic.

             With cooperation from all parties, SCB firmly believes the environment will continue improving. This small step by the bank will serve as a key to improving the global environment and better living of us and our descendants, not only for today but also in the future.