SCB introduces new “Value OPD: Full Premiums Back, Worry-Free Ending” health insurance plan, the first in the industry offering premiums back despite medical claims, with renowned MC “Kanchai Kamnerdploy” emphasizing the professional image and value of health insurance planning


            Kicking off the Year of the Tiger, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) is introducing a “Value OPD: Full Premiums Back, Worry-Free Ending” plan as a flagship health insurance product. The plan is Thailand’s only health insurance plan offering 100% premiums back despite medical claims and covers medical claims for both out-patient (OPD) and in-patient (IPD) expenses for up to five family members sharing the same plan. Insurance benefits under this plan can be carried forward for use in the following year. A live chat feature is also available, letting customers conveniently consult with SCB bank officers with life insurance brokerage licenses 24/7. Popular TV news MC Mr. Kanchai Kamnerdploy, aka Noom, will act as presenter for the new product, emphasizing the professional image and value of health insurance planning for loved policy holders and their loved ones. 



          SCB Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Insurance Business Officer, Ms. Poramasiri Manolamai, said, “some people have already health insurance coverage provided by their employers. However, in some cases medical allowances provided by such welfare health insurance schemes may be inadequate, and even with their own additional health insurance plans premiums may increase with medical claims. Understanding these pain points, SCB is committed to developing health insurance plans that truly offer value protection to customers. We are now ready to make a difference in the health insurance market again with our “Value OPD: Full Premiums Back, Worry-Free Ending” plan. This is the first health insurance in Thailand offering 100% premiums back despite medical claims, and benefits that we are confident will truly address health insurance access pain points. We are delighted to introduce this flagship product via the bancassurance channel and a new live chat channel on www.โอพีดีคืนเบี้ยครบ.com , an innovative service for a better customer experience.”


          “The bancassurance channel plays a significant role in insurance product offerings. SCB provides our customers with thorough knowledge, understanding, and protection through appropriate product offerings by our bank officers with life insurance brokerage licenses. This year, we introduced a live chat as a new customer service feature at www.โอพีดีคืนเบี้ยครบ.com for the convenience of our customers. The chat services lets them instantly contact an SCB branch officer. In the first phase, the web chat feature will be available for customers interested in our “Value OPD: Full Premiums Back, Worry-Free Ending” plan. For inquiries, customers can chat with an SCB branch officer with a life insurance brokerage license 24/7. In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, SCB places importance on product and service development to answer every customer need, including effective sales support. We believe we can offer phenomenal health assurance for customers and the industry alike.”


According to Ms. Manolamai, customer insights have revealed the following:

  1. People want health protection but do not want to waste money on insurance premiums.
  2. Customers believe that obtaining health insurance is complicated, involving health checkups and multiple inquiries.
  3. People want comprehensive health insurance with universal coverage of medical claims and serious diseases in one policy.
  4. Families prefer to have a health insurance policy with coverage for all family members rather than having individual policies with high expenses. In their view, family members do not fall sick at the same time, and they regret insurance premiums paid each year. 


The “Value OPD: Full Premiums Back, Worry-Free Ending” plan was therefore developed based on these customer insights to offer peace of mind to policy holders, offering the following four benefits:


  1. 100% premiums back upon policy maturity, no loss of paid premiums: Policy holders will receive no less than all paid premiums despite medical claims, compensation, or serious disease claims. 
  2. No health checkup requirements: Customers only answer three health questions.
  3.  OPD and IPD coverage, including dental care, visual acuity, vaccines, and health checkups with an annual lump sum payment, which can be carried forward to the following year if not used. Also, on offer are income compensation for in-patient admission and medical claims in case of three serious diseases: cancer (metastasis stage), acute myocardial infarction, or hemorrhagic/ischemic stroke.
  4. For plans with annual premiums starting from 300,000 baht, a medical allowance limit can be shared with up to four family members, or five persons in total/policy. That is, if a policy holder does not fall sick or the policy coverage is not fully used during a year, the remaining coverage can be shared among family members.


“We hope our target customers realizing the importance of health care and value benefits will be interested in our “Value OPD: Full Premiums Back, Worry-Free Ending” plan, which has been developed to answer their needs.” Ms. Manolamai added.



       The bank introduces popular TV news MC Mr. Kanchai Kamnerdploy, aka Noom, as the product presenter. Thanks to his outstanding personality and professional working attitude, full of integrity and sincerity as core values, and his attentive healthcare planning for his loved ones and himself, Mr. Kamnerdploy is considered perfect to share the story of the “Value OPD: Full Premiums Back, Worry-Free Ending” plan in a more interesting way.


       Mr. Kanchai said, “I’m very honored to work with SCB and proud of being selected as the presenter for the “Value OPD: Full Premiums Back, Worry-Free Ending” plan. I was so impressed when I first learned about the benefits it offers. I was like, Wow! What great insurance coverage! Upon maturity, policy holders can enjoy premiums paid back 100% despite OPD and IPD medical claims or serious disease claims. The benefit I particularly like is a shared medical allowance limit for up to 5 family members for plans with premiums starting from 300,000 baht. I’m confident in the value of the benefits offered by the “Value OPD: Full Premiums Back, Worry-Free Ending” plan compared with the premiums paid.” 


       To apply for the “Value OPD: Full Premiums Back, Worry-Free Ending” plan, interested customers need to answer just three health questions, with no health checkup required. A health statement is a factor in considering insurance acceptance or the payment of claims as per the insurance contract. Premiums are at a flat rate and not based on a policy holder’s age. For more information, interested customers can contact a licensed bank officer at any SCB branch or via a live chat by scanning the QR code below:



  • Insurance provided by FWD Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • SCB is only a broker offering a channel for insurance coverage.
  • Customers should carefully study details about insurance coverage and terms and conditions before making a decision to buy a policy.
  • Insurance terms and conditions, benefits, and coverage are as specified by FWD Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • For plans with annual premiums between 300,000 – 1 million-baht, policy holders may allow up to 4 family members (as per the definition of co-policy holder specified in the insurance policy) to share the benefits of  medical and healthcare allowances: OPD and IPD medical claims, dental care claims, visual acuity care claims, vaccines, and health checkup fees, totaling 5 family members including the policy holder. Names of up to 4 family members shall be provided in the insurance application form. For those aged between 1 month – 75 years old, protection is provided as per the insurance period or up to 85 years of age with life protection of 50,000 baht/person (which will be paid to the policy holder only).
  • For inquiries about insurance coverage and claims, please contact the FWD Customer Service Center at 1351 (every day from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm) or visit 
  • For more information, contact any SCB branch.