Stop! My data belongs to me!

Have you ever received a strange phone call? Call to sell products or services to us. Whether we are interested or not, after hanging up, have you ever wondered "How did they get our name and telephone number from?"

Did you know that from the first-last name, nickname, telephone number National ID number, date of birth, email address, to bank account number Is all our personal information? We have the sole right to handle this information as We would like to tell anyone. Allow anyone to collect our data, allow anyone to use, and can be used in what matters. If anyone, organization, or store uses our personal information without permission He is doing what the law calls "Privacy violation"

This personal information is so useful in business that companies and stores want to get as much as possible. Because he can analyze our habits and behaviors and then offer products and services that are right for us. Readers probably have searched for certain products on the internet. And after that Regardless of which website we enter Will appear advertising for that product, haunting us all the time until finally, we decide to buy!!! For criminal’s Personal information is like a treasure. He can use our personal information to deceive us until we lose a large sum of money. Or may frame us or threatening our personal lives. Therefore, there must be laws to protect our data.

The Personal Data Act 2019, which became effective on May 27, 2020. It is a law issued to protect our personal information from anyone collecting, using, or distributing our personal information without our consent. For example, we went to apply for a fitness center member, which we had to fill out our personal information. Whether it's first name last name Phone number, residence address, ID number, and credit card numbers Enter the form to apply for membership. This fitness center will be able to use our personal information to apply for a membership only. We Will is not able to use our information for other purposes or can't reveal it to other companies. Disclosing personal information without consent and likely to damage the owner of the information There are both imprisonment and a fine as a criminal penalty. Including the administrative penalty, which is fine as well, but a fine of millions.

Requesting consent must use language that is easy to understand. Will tie a hand to say that, if signed, means consent Cannot do anymore in accordance with this law. Or requesting consent by making messages in small letters Secretly placed from seeing Is contrary to this law as well

And when personal information is ours Although we have already given consent We have the right to withdraw consent at any time. We also have the right to request that the fitness center delete or destroy the data. Temporarily suspend data usage Or making that information unidentifiable to us as well

In the case of sensitive information such as ethnicity, ethnicity, political opinions Belief in religion, sexual behavior Criminal history, health information, disability, union information Genetic information, Or biological data. This law requires explicit consent from the data owner. Cannot go with general personal information

Fitness center that collects our personal information Also has a duty under this law to protect information security Do not change information by others other than us or illegally access information. Otherwise, he would be guilty of this law and be subject to administrative sanctions. Be fined not more than 3 million baht. If data has been hacked or our information is leaked to the fitness center. This is the duty to immediately notify us immediately.

We can already see that This law is issued to protect our personal information. This time there was only left. How do we use or allow someone to use our data? To benefit us the most and causing the least punishment


By Dr. Kanpirom Komalarajun