What to do when being pursued by debt collection

Before making a loan decision, in addition to having to look at various features to ensure that the loan can pass. One important point to ask yourself is whether you can pay. Because once they have borrowed money they must be in a "debtor" position and must pay the debt Which is a rule of the debtor who must comply. But when it's time to pay the debt, the debtors refused to pay. Creditors also have the right to reimburse or hire an agent who is a debt collection business.

Of course, there is no debtor who wants to deform the debt. Because aside from losing credit history Maybe pursued by debt in various ways. However, if it is a debtor of a financial institution under the supervision of the Bank of Thailand (BOT). Even if it is an overdue debtor Have the right to receive appropriate treatment, for example, creditors must collect debt only during the specified time, Monday - Friday at eight o'clock in the morning to two o'clock only.

In addition, those who are responsible for debt collection must use the method and say it in a polite way. Show yourself when following up on debt collection. Do not use intimidation, use of force, or demand unfair debt. Such as collecting fees or expenses in excess of the specified rate etc.

For debtors If you realize that you are unable to pay off the debt and have a chance of being repaid Must first compose and recited by heart that "Must be a good debtor"

1. Don't be afraid of debt collection.

When the debt collection department calls to collect the debt, the debtor does not talk in a shaking voice or using a voice that makes the other person knows that he feels fear. But must dare to talk to show confidence and cope because don't forget that debt is a civil case Not a criminal case.

If the debtor is threatened by the debt collection department that "If not paying the debt, must be put in jail" Then respond that "liability is a civil case not a criminal case " That means the creditors couldn't bring the police to arrest.

2. Ask clearly

Cannot deny that when the debtor receives a call from the debt collection department will wait to answer the question. But in truth, the debtor must first ask questions. Start by asking for first and last name, the workplace, and telephone number of the debt collector.

Then ask a deeper question. For example, do you now know how much the debtor has paid? How much debt remains? If paid now, how much will the interest be adjusted per year, etc.

Questioning in this way will make the debt collection department feel that the debtor knows the truth and understands the rules and regulations for debt collection. Importantly, it does not cause intimidation or harassment in debt collection.

3. Voice record

Before the debtor answered the question, don't forget to request permission to record with polite words. Because if there is a problem, such as being intimidated, you can use the recorded audio to be useful in the investigation.

4. Answer the phone every time

It is normal that the debtor does not like the creditor to call to ask for debt.
Or didn’t receive the call when the creditor called or said that it was still not convenient and will call back later. But finally, quietly disappeared.

In fact, if the debtor wants to show sincerity, it should answer the creditors' phone every time. At the same time, it must explain with reason and tell the truth about the problem of not being able to pay the debt as scheduled. If doing this will lead to finding a solution together.

5. Call the creditor first.

When there are signs that it is not possible to pay the debt as scheduled To show sincerity, it should contact the creditor with a reason and promise to pay the debt when. This approach, in addition to demonstrating responsibility, is also a good relationship. May also allow creditors to pay off debt repayment.

When being demanded by debt The debtor's solution is debt negotiation. There are many ways, depending on the creditors' policies, such as requesting to reduce some debt, requesting an extension of repayment period (such as 1 year, 2 years), Request to reduce the number of installments required in each installment (for example, from 10,000 baht to 7,000 baht), requesting to stop interest during installments, do not charge fees during installments Or requesting the use of collateral to pay off the debt etc.

Nobody wants to be in debt, but when unable to pay the debt. Aside from being subject to interest adjustment, losing financial history, and might encounter with being called for payment each day. Therefore, if thinking of creating debt, must recite the spell “Got in debt as necessary and able to afford" Remind this in your mind.