Change 9 habits to get a good life

Attitudes affect the behavior of our expressions. Habits, which are behaviors that people keep repeating. When attitudes can affect one's behavior unconsciously. Have you ever noticed the people around you that between the rich and the general people often have opposite behaviors or habits. Behavior can affect people to becomes rich or has money if he has a good financial attitude that is fundamental to his behavior in making money, spending, and saving money as well. On the other hand, if you have a bad financial attitude, are not interested in financial planning, or overspend money, chances of becoming rich or having money are difficult. And what kind of attitude leads to no savings and endless debt?

1. Overspend:
To create a social image and let others see that you are rich. Or pay a lot of money to friends to make people think you have a lot of money can cause a lot of debt.

2. Gambling:
Want to get rich in a shortcut without doing any work. In fact, no one can get rich from gambling

If you think you have good credit, you can borrow from friends and people around you or you can borrow money from financial institutions, make spending money without restraint. But when it's time to return the money, found that you can't pay back, resulting in having to rely on the informal debt until the trap of being indefinitely indebted.

4.Spend future money:
Such as credit cards, cash cards, because thinking that can pay back. Or withdraw money from a credit card to pay another card when the limit is full, can't withdraw money. In the end, the debt piled up and became insolvent debt.

5.Thinking short term:
Don't plan on spending money: Think that now can make money and will get salary soon, there is no extravagant spending and no savings plan.

6.Believe in superstitious or destiny: Think that life will be successful because of good luck or bad luck. Get lost in superstition fortune-telling. Wasting money on things you can't see rather than relying on your own perseverance and ability to make money or work.

7.Love entertainment:
Going to entertainment places, partying hard, drinking intoxicated drugs every day until it becomes a habit. Run out of money on pampering what you think is happiness. Going to a party at night or drinking, if calculated as various expenses, these funds can be used to collect as a lump sum. So that they can be used to increase the investment or keep as a reserve in the event of an emergency in case of sickness or need for money.

8. Investment without knowledge:
Because of craving to be rich, when seeing other people invest, then invest accordingly without the knowledge and understanding in the investment matter.

9.Do not like to learn and develop:
Because thinks that knowledge or things that have been done before are good and do not need to learn new things or develop. Or if there is no knowledge, they like to boast that they know very well. With these habits, there is no way to get rich because knowledge is a treasure that can lead to money or a path to success.

These habits, such as overspending, loan preference, think of getting rich by gambling and no financial planning. There is no way to lead people to be successful and rich. But only dragged them down until they became more in debt. A good solution has to adjust an attitude to know how to live a self-sufficient life, financial planning, and adjust behavior frequently until becoming a habit of knowing how to save, know how to spend, know how to save and invest. It will allow you to succeed and become a new person who has money to spend and not be in debt anymore.

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