Robinhood Delivery Riders: Behind-the-scenes stories of heroes without capes

Amid the sweltering heat and smoke, the image of delivery riders has become a familiar sight for people living in big cities.  Some of you may recognize Robinhood riders wearing yellow jackets with purple stripes. They are always ready to bring joy to your dining table at any time of day.

Before joining Robinhood these riders went through rigorous training to ensure that they see the value of their jobs, not just for the money, but also for the pride of being a pillar for their loved ones while allowing food shops to benefit from their presence.

These are some of the impressive behind-the-scenes stories of "Robinhood Riders" we want to share with our readers.



Customer service etiquette to deliver a better experience

Although most of the riders are men, more and more women have entered the profession.     Wilawan "Ben" Klapangthiam is one of Robinhood's young female riders with a strong passion for her career.  “I delivered food for other service providers before. When I heard about Robinhood, I applied to work there.  Before starting, I went through a training process that allowed me to learn and understand more about customer service.  Basically, I’ve learned to greet, review orders, and say thank you to customers and shops to impress them.  I also learned to be more patient.  When we’re polite, shop owners are kind to us and even provide us with free drinks.” 

When asked about the training, Ben said, “Robinhood taught me everything, from how to dress and how to handle food delivery properly to maintain the quality and cleanliness of food

Ben has been working with Robinhood for four months now.  Her earnings help her mother, who is the pillar of a family of five. Ben delivers food part-time from eleven to three o'clock in the afternoon because she has to help her mother in the evening.  “Although she works only five hours a day, her earning are enough for the family’s groceries, snacks for her two children, and support her brother who is a special needs child.  "I used to feel bad for not being to help my mother at all.  Now, I feel good for having some money to help my mother", said Ben. Located in Soi Charoen Krung 107, her mother’s Pa Nan somtum shop is also listed on the Robinhood app.  Ben wants customers to support her mother’s shop.   “Robinhood actually helps small shops and riders to afford to buy motorcycles, houses, and have better futures, especially during this pandemic.”



Not just delivering food, but also happiness

“I applied for every food delivery platform, but they didn't accept me.  Then, my friend told me about Robinhood, and I signed up. I have been working there ever since,” said Sonthikan “M” Dangchakorn

“I joined Robinhood from day one.  Before accepting orders, we received training about customer service.  I never realized that simple gestures, such as greetings and being polite, can have an impact.  They taught us that our work is not just delivering food, but it also brings happiness to shop owners and customers.  When we apply those skills to our job, we get good feedback from customers.  I can see that customers are happy because of our courteous service.”

In addition, being a rider also allows M to share with others. “Some shops and customers offer us food. I earn income from Robinhood, but some other people are in a more difficult situation than me. I can share what I’ve got.  It’s like passing on kindness to one another.  I’m glad my work can make people happy.” M delivers all day from 8 am to 9 pm, and his income is enough to support his family with two children.


Sharing experiences among riders 

Apart from delivery riders, Robinhood has launched a “The Trainers” project, allowing experienced riders to share knowledge and problem-solving skills with those new to the job.   Chaisanti “Tan” Singchart is one of the trainers.  

“I like to look for new opportunities. And when the Robinhood app gave me a chance, I wanted to use my experience to help others.”

What Robinhood trainers do is share their experiences solving real-life problems with newbies.  Apart from setting better service standards, it strengthens the bonds in the community of Robinhood riders through friendship and support.  

Regarding his future plans, Tan said, "Robinhood has grown so much within one year.  I’m confident that we can continue to grow with the platform.” Finally, Tan would like to tell those interested in working for Robinhood that, “If you don’t dare to try to achieve your dreams, they will never come true.  I’m confident that Robinhood will develop even further and allow those with the same passion to work and grow together.” 

When asked about the reason he chose to work with Robinhood, Tan said, “I want something new.  The application was developed by Thai people.  Working with Robinhood gives me the freedom to work anytime, unlike other apps where I had to work in shifts.  Robinhood trains their riders about skills to impress customers, which creates a unique identity that leads customers to prefer our services.”  

Respect is earned, not given

Chalermchai "Phi To" Tovisit is another rider who became a trainer.  He proudly says, "Being a small app without GP fees is what I really want to share with others.  This aspect has changed my mindset.  Riders can cherish more than just money.”     

Apart from being a full-time rider and trainer, Phi To serves as Zone Lead, taking care of other riders in the Phra Nakhon, Samphanthawong, and Pom Prap Sattru Phai districts.  Whether your motorcycle is broken, out of gas, or has a flat tire, Phi To will send a team to help.   

“Riding is a service job. Respect is indispensable.  Riders and shops must rely on one another to survive.  We build friendships to earn trust from one another.”  

Phi To said that rider training is like friends sharing their experiences.  It focuses on service manners and how to handle food to ensure that it will reach customers in perfect condition.  Experiences shared during sessions are useful for the job.  Unlike online training, the atmosphere of face-to-face training is more effective in allowing participants to convey their moods and feelings and lets them ask questions.  

The focus on service etiquette is something that raises the job standard for riders. If riders can maintain their work standard, they will get good feedback and praise from shops and customers.  This is worth more than the orders received.  “If you want to get respect, you must earn it,” said Phi To.  

For anyone who is thinking of becoming a rider, “They must understand the constraints of their career.  Waiting for their orders is not a problem.  If customers can go out to buy food themselves, riders are of no use.  If we can accept this fact, we’ll be happy,” concluded Phi To.

True friends who care 

Robinhood has a backup team to support riders.  The teams closest to riders are the training team led by Krishna "Aof" Yomjaiyoo and the back-office team led by Pornpaween "Gaard" Sukniwatsiri, which communicate with riders through online channels about job applications, training, promotions, and new services. 

With his training background, Aof was recruited to be a Robinhood trainer.  However, he had never used a food delivery service before.  Being a part of the Robinhood team has provided opportunities for him to have firsthand experience with riders.  “The rider society is a friendly society. If we give our hearts, they are ready to give it back.  Therefore, we must really pay attention to understanding their work.  We want to be the people they turn to when they have problems.  When teaching them, I will talk to them just like a friend and tell them everything they want to know to solve their problems,” said Aof.  

Because Robinhood is a newcomer, it is important to differentiate itself with services, so the platform has made rider training a priority.  Riders must show up at sessions so that they can absorb the spirit of service as much as possible.  The important thing is to instill the mindset that Robinhood, merchants, and riders are on the same team. Even though different people perform different duties, each person has the key duty of maintaining their own work standards to keep and take care of customers.  When customers are happy, riders will feel proud, in addition to earning money. 

“We want riders to be confident that they are not alone.  There are teams to support them along the way to ensure that they can close orders smoothly.”  

Apart from taking care of communication channels with riders, Gaard also works with Zone Lead riders.  She is impressed by the photos and stories posted or shared on the chat group, including stories about kindness and praise received from merchants or customers.  She feels good about them too. “It’s like seeing success from our hard work.  When riders apply what has been taught, we see more and more people know about Robinhood and admire it.  When customers feel good, we are happy,” said Gerard.     

“We want riders to work with us for a long time so that they can feed their families, feel proud, and be happy to be with us.  We want them to see Robinhood as a friend, ready to stand with them.”