50 - 30 - 20 Formula to Stop Debt

"The salary has been paid. Where are we going after work tomorrow? Between watching movies and favorite food. "

"Tired of the whole month This weekend, I'd like to buy a new pair of shoes and another set of clothes "

Many people's lives maybe like this: working, earning money, waiting for salaries, and eating and shopping. If anyone is like this, you will notice that you often forget about saving money. Because it emphasizes happiness in the period that there is still money to spend and happiness will decrease as the money decreases.

When entering the third week of the month Aside from money being depleted. Some people still have a reasonable burden of expenses, including water, electricity, credit card debt, car installments, and when the last week of the month begins to count when the payroll is coming out.

If wanting to have money to spend throughout the month Importantly, there is money remaining to collect every month. Try using the formula 50 - 30 - 20 to divide the income proportion according to the planned category in order to be clear on spending each month. That is, when the salary is considered, it is divided into 3 pieces. If the salary is 20,000 baht, it is divided into 10,000 baht: 6,000 baht: 4,000 baht.

However, the salary calculated should be after-tax deduction. Contribution to the provident fund (If being a government official, it is money after deduction into GPF) and after deduction into social security fund and then divided into 3 pieces of money

Example formula 50 - 30 - 20 from a salary of 20,000 baht

The first 50% is 10,000 baht. It is money for daily expenses such as living, living expenses, car installments, condominium installments. Pay credit card debt Including for parents in which the money will be used to pay for the necessities of living Not for the wants. Therefore, before deciding, be sure to spend only for necessary.

The next 30% is 6,000 baht, which is money to be used to create happiness, such as eating out, shopping, traveling, as well as small expenses such as water, electricity, mobile bills, etc. However, even if it is money to pay to reward yourself But should think carefully that for real necessity, such as when buying a pair of shoes last month, so another 5 months from now should refrain from buying or aiming to eat out no more than 2 times a month, etc. If this is the case, then spending will be within the budget set forth.

The last 20% is 4,000 baht is savings. The method is to divide the money into cubes. As planned, for example, 1,000 baht to be used for emergencies, 1,000 baht to prepare to buy a house, another 2,000 baht to prepare for retirement.

After that, this final lump sum should be saved as appropriate for each goal. The money collected for emergency use should be savings or money market funds. The money to buy a house should be used to buy mixed funds. For retirement, we should buy RMF mutual funds, stock funds, etc.

How to divide the money, then take a book and record the income. Expenses that they understand Which after doing it for a while, will automatically know that each month has income How much does it cost? More importantly, knowing what most of the money is spent on and money saved Where have the dividends gone?

In most cases, when using money perfectly will find that the first lump sum and spending money for happiness will gradually decrease, indicating discipline in spending and when the remaining money will be invested automatically.

A clear division of money in each issue will help financial planning and expense control be improved. But it should be flexible. The formula can be adjusted to suit the age, income, expense, debt burden, including financial goals such as young age. Use the formula 60: 25: 15, when the job is stable. Higher salaries adjust the formula to 50: 30: 20 and when 50 years old, adjust to the formula 45: 25: 30, etc.

When earning money if allocated appropriately for life, both for necessity, create happiness, and save for long-term stability. Would inevitably have money to spend and be sustainable with the quality of life