How do salary earners plan a wedding?

 'I love you with my heart, not your appearance or the position'. Although love is not about money. But cannot deny that marriage and the creation of families have more or less money involved Wedding planning therefore is important that every couple must consider before making a decision. Because not being prepared enough for this when married or living together may cause various problems especially financial problems Until causing a quarrel and eventually become a family problem We don't want to see the love boat we have built. Must be sunk in the wrong way So let's plan the wedding together.

For the financial planning of couples, If possible, talk to each other since the beginning of the relationship, with each other only presenting their own positive side. However, you should pay attention to the financial habits of your lover as well. Because of the kindness and kindness that May not always mean good financial responsibility Notice how he or she handled life's problems. Study lifestyles and study spending habits Let's talk about dreams and common life goals in the future. Including common expenses such as the cost of marriage and starting a family To see trends that your goals and your loved one are moving in the same direction or not


After studying and being ready to be a family, then come to plan a wedding because don't forget that in organizing a wedding requires quite a bit of money Large-scale wedding ceremonies In order to maintain his face or show off his riches even without him Maybe in the blink of an eye Like a salt-water gourd especially the need to borrow debt to come to the wedding Is something that should not be done Because that means The family's financial status will be negative from the start of family life. Try organizing a small ceremony. That can be easily managed and looks warm should be another challenge and make the guests remember more as well as saving more money in the pocket

As for planning to collect money for marriage, you can do as follows

1. Set a budget based on possible needs.

Marriage, whether small or large, requires "Set a budget" first so we can plan ahead and able to control the expenses from escalating It also makes us aware of how much money is collected each month to reach that goal. How many years does it take to save? By suggesting that at this stage, we should talk to each other to understand the needs and "Expectations" of each other

2. There should be an account for saving money specifically for marriage

Collecting money as planned is the most important step in making our wedding possible. The method of collection should therefore be separated into separate accounts. During the collection period, money may be collected through fixed deposit accounts. Or fixed deposit as much as Monthly duty free Depends on how long we prepare before marriage (Because it will get more interest) After that, when the event is closed May transfer money to savings account Because it has higher liquidity In case of withdrawing the deposit payment at the wedding and should be an account that requires both signatures to withdraw money

3.  Organize the wedding and use the money in accordance with the budget set.

Cost control to be within the set budget It is another important thing that we must pay much attention. Because if we control costs well and when offsetting the income from the wedding envelope fees and there is money left the money left after the event will become another cost of married life. Because if there isn't any preparation May cause it to be eliminated after the initial marriage and may lead to money problems

4. Consider whether to register a marriage

If wanting to get married Should talk clearly about the personal property that came before marriage This is to prevent financial problems that may occur later. Although your love may not start with matters of financial status. But living together requires a factor to be used in living Must therefore be planned early. The pros and cons of marriage registration Can read more on the article will get married Should register marriage

5.  Planning for life and financial planning together

When lovers come to live together It cannot be denied that money must be involved in every stage of life. Love life in real life is not like in the drama that will end in the final scene is marriage because in reality, We must continue to live together and have to incur costs. Which must have good financial planning Must have agreed with responsibility for various costs Inside the house, who will pay for what? Responsible for what divided according to the proportion of income but should still have money left for personal expenses and future savings to feel free and happy life to be happy

In addition, if married, it will affect your status in terms of annual personal income tax. Which the law gives the right to a registered spouse whether to separately file or include personal income tax Which you have to talk and plan taxes together Because good tax planning will help pay taxes more accurately and save more The division will be filed separately or include filed well. Can read more on the article How should spouses plan their taxes to be the most economical?

In summary, ‘money’ involves spouses in every step. And every stage of life Since the beginning of the relationship Wedding decision Until living together, Therefore, good financial planning will help make your partner's life go well and happy.


By :  Niphan Phunsathiensup  CFP®   Independent financial planners, writers and speakers