Wora Wana Hua Hin Hotel and Convention: The Place You Can Enjoy With Your Beloved Pets

Those pet lovers might find it worrisome to leave their pets alone at home while owners like themselves are on vacation. They would be worried-sick, thinking of whether their pets are going to be fed well when they are away and it would be wonderful if they could bring their pets along on their vacation.

Thus, we would like to introduce you Wora Wana Hua Hin Hotel and Convention, the 8-floor brand new hotel of 142 rooms. Guests are welcomed to bring their pets to the hotel. Also, it is located near veterinary hospital that pet lovers do not have to worry if their pets need any medical attention.

Customers just have to select Deluxe Garden Room that has an area of 47.5 m2, large enough for owners and pets to stay together. The decoration is simple and refreshing. Apart from pet beds, there are shower for pets that pet lovers would definitely appreciate. Besides, there are altogether 29 rooms of this type that pet owners do not have to fear about the availability of the room.

Not only that, there is a pool for pets to swim and exercise. If you are not hotel guests, you can still use this pool service with a cost of 399 baht.

If anyone visits as a family and want a large room, you can choose Seaview Suite Room since it has an area of 76 m2. From this room, a sea of pine tree, golf course and Ratchapak Park can be seen. At night, you can sit and chill at the balcony as well as gaze at the stars. This type of room also has small kitchen that the guests can cook small meal by themselves, gives the feeling of living in a big condominium room.

For those who love swimming, there is a Pool Access Room with the pool right next to the door. The room has an area of 42 m2 and most importantly, there are only 15 Pool Access Rooms available. If you are interested, you got to be hurry.

The garden is spacious. There is a huge pond surrounded by running track for exercise or cycling on bicycle that can be rented from the hotel.

After the fun outdoor activities, you might feel a little hungry. Let us then proceed to “Wana Waree” dining hall. They serve various international food prepared by chefs with more than 10 years of experience. This dining hall is opened all day and has a large area for every guest to take their seats and enjoy the delicious meal.อน

For guests who drive, you do not have to worry about parking lots because Wora Wana Hua Hin Hotel and Convention has a parking space that can park up to 350 cars. The reason of such spacious parking space is because Chulabhorn International Convention Centre is situated within the hotel and it often holds big and small meetings and seminars. Also, if you are looking for a place to hold wedding party, this convention centre is very suitable as it can receive guests up to a thousand people. A true solution for wedding party.

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