Travelling to Suphan: Amazing Suphan Buri

Suphan Buri is a good choice to travel for relaxation. This is one of the amazing local cities. There are many historical sites, and a wide variety of natural attractions whether a green location, local village, a temple and a tasty local food. Moreover, it is very convenient to go because it is just a hundred kilometers away from Bangkok.

Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan

This ancient royal temple, believed to have been built some 1,200 years ago and is located on the western bank of the Suphan River, far from the city hall around 4 km. Every day there are many Buddhists come to pay respect to a huge Buddha Receiving Offerings from an Elephant and a Monkey image known as ‘Luangpho To’, which made as U-Thong Supannaphum art (A sitting position with legs extending downward position). Semi-annual festivals are held on the 5th - 9th day of the 5th and 12th waxing moon for locals to pay their respects to the Buddha.

In addition, this temple had involved in a famous Thai classic literature, “Khun Chang-Khun Phaen”. It is said that Khun Phaen had become a young novice at this temple. So, there is a storytelling wall art around the sanctuary since the beginning through the end. Also, there is a Khun Phaen, Nang Pimpilalai, and Khun Chang statues and also a traditional Thai-style teak house known as Khum Khun Chang which is carefully constructed and designed follow descriptions in a literature. In each room shows an ancient daily life thing. Besides, in the temple area, there is a small market which sell a local Suphan goods and local food such as Pla Mae Nam, Pla Dad Deaw, vegetables, Nam Prik, and souvenirs.

Location: Rua Yai, the main district, Suphan Buri province


Sam Chuk Market

Sam Chuk Market is the highlight of Suphan Buri for any food lover. This is an old market along with Tha-Chin River. It has a long history dating from a century ago. In the past, this place used to be a very important water trading center and a community of Thai-Chinese. From time to time, the trading via land transportation was improved, so Sam Chuk market had not been crowded anymore. Many locals move to work somewhere else. Until 2000, it was revived and preserved as an old Sam Chuk market. So, this is one of the places for preservation of local travelling and be a prototype of the other old markets. It once received an Award of Merit in the 2009 annual UNESCO Asia–Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation.

Along both side of the market, there are wooden shop houses for restaurants, souvenirs, and old-fashioned local-style goods. Sam Chuk market is open from 7am - 6pm daily. It is not crowded on weekdays, so it is easier to enjoy the view. The must-go shops are a photography store, a herbal drugstore, Tha Ruae Song coffee shop, Ped Yang Ja Cherd, Khao Hor Baibua Rang Sriroj, Bamee Jeg Aow, Moo Dad Deaw Jejuk, Chiang Plagrai, Namprik Mae Gimlung, Kanom Boran Baan Mae Noi, Kanom Sali Mae Gimleang. And the do-not-miss place is Baan Khun Jumnong Jeenarak which was a market owner house. It is a three-story building, now transformed into a museum, displays photos from the days of yesteryear, taking visitors back to a bygone era.

Location: Sam Chuk district, Suphan Buri province


Bueng Chawak Chaloem Prakiet

Bueng Chawak Chaloem Prakiet is a natural freshwater lake covers a huge area of over 2,700 rai with a 1 - 3 meters dept. This place is a non-hunting area and the government registered Bueng Chawak as an important wetland. Because of its great variety of flora and fauna. Then it is developed to be a new destination of Suphan Buri which has many interesting attractions. It is suited for family. There is a land zoo, a local aquarium, freshwater Crocodile Pond, an over-500-species of Native Vegetable Garden, an over-30-species of Bird cages and many more.

The main attractive place for every tourist is Bueng Chawak Aquarium which has 3 buildings. The first building exhibits a freshwater and seawater fishes. The second building has a freshwater fish tunnel which is the first fish tunnel in Thailand together with 40 fish tanks around the tunnel. The last building exhibits an underwater world which shows many fish species. Also, there is a shark tunnel which has Tiger shark, Blacktip reef shark and others. On every weekend there is a shark feeding show which is kids favorite. There is a public garden with a pavilion for relaxation and enjoy the view. There are many blooming lotuses together with a group of red ducks around the lake and many water activities such as water-bike. Also, there is an accommodation, a local souvenir shops and a local restaurant.

Location Pak Nam, Derm Bang Nan Buach district, Suphan Buri province


A 100-years-old Kaohong Market

If you want to travel through time to the past, the best place to go is a 100-years-old Kaohong Market. Another interesting old market of Suphan Buri. This market is located on side of Tha-Chin River and was built in King Rama V reign. This is another old Thai-Chinese traditional trading market which used to be crowded. And once the trading via water was changed to land. So, the market was moved to be on-land.

Now, the market was renovated and be another travelling destination with an old unique traditional buildings and environment same as a hundred years ago. This market is full of charm and classic environment such as a 2-story building which is used-to-be an old house and shops. This is Thai-Chinese community which divided to be 3 markets; Upper market, Middle market, and Lower market. Some shops are opened since their grandparents and sell many goods whether new or old, souvenir, traditional sweets, fresh food and dried food.  

There are 2 interesting constructions in the market. The first one is a 4-story thief watch tower which is an old thief watch tower because previously, Suphan Buri is very famous of many thieves but they are gone nowadays, But they still keep this old tower as a tourists viewpoint. Another place is Baan Kaohong which is became this market name. This was Khun Kumhaengrit old house which was the market owner. It is a teak traditional Thai-style house with a hip roof and a high under-house area. The length of house is parallel with Tha-Chin River and has a 10-blocks with 9-collars, so we called Baan Khaohong (Nine rooms house). You can find more information by visiting this Kaohong Market Museum.

Location: Khok Khram, Bang Pla Ma district, Suphan Buri province


Phu Toei National Park

Phu Toei National Park is a heaven for a nature lover. This is a combination of mountains and forests of Suphan Buri which is the last forest of Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary. This is another adventure tourists favourite because they can walk up to be a conqueror of Khao Tewada summit, the highest point of this national park which is the source of many rivers. There is a lush forest with a lot of flora and fauna along the way. And at the top, there is a Buddhist statue and a pagoda to pay respect. For any nature lover, you can have a chilled walk around and explore the nature which still has an abundant of mountain pine forest, waterfall, or visit a local Taphoen Khi Karen Village. 

In a winter, the temperature may drop to 5 - 6 oC, or in a rainy season, there will be a beautiful greenery view. If you want to spend the night, there is a rental accommodation and designated camping area to watch a sky full of stars at night or a sunrise with an endlessly foggy sea. Visitors should once visit Phu Toei National Park.   

Location: Dan Chang district, Suphan Buri province

Dragon Descendants Museum

Inside the Dragon Descendants Museum is a very huge hall which situated Suphanburi City Pillar Shrine area, and the Dragon Descendants Museum which was established to celebrate 20 years of Thailand – China diplomatic relations. It was designed to present the history of 5000-year Chinese civilization that is accepted to be one of the world’s oldest and most important civilization in the form of a dragon, the well-known sacred animal. Inside, there are 18 rooms which exhibit the Chinese history with picture, light, sound, and special technique. 

Also, there are many Chinese architectures around the museum such as the Dragon heaven village which is a display of Lijiang village, an over-1000-years old village and a world heritage city, a 7-story viewpoint pagoda which was built on water, Tian An Men pavilion, Buddha Bucha garden, a 5-story place which situated the sitting on the lotus throne Lord Ulysses statue surrounding by 18 Buddhist saint statues which are Thai-Chinese respect. The museum also provides various facilities such as cinema, lockers, book center, and souvenir shop. Also, important virtues of Chinese people for daily life are implied in the exhibition, a large ring bell and waterfall for tourist relaxation.

Location: Rua Yai, the main district, Suphan Buri province


Khoob Khao Wong Reservoir

The beauty of Khoob Khao Wong Reservoir was addressed as “Pang Oung Suphan”. This is an Ecotourism travelling place which was established by a collaboration of local Phu Nam Ron people that help preserve the nature. This place has ever received the national award. So, when travelling, we must have a responsibility of nature by do not disturb or making loud noise or damage the nature. We need to preserve this nature to stay with us for a long time.

Khoob Khao Wong Reservoir is not large but surrounding by mountains. And there is a local agricultural field. The weather in the morning and night is cool in every season. The most beautiful period is winter and rainy season. There is a forest, and waterland, with a blue sky in the area. The environment is suited for camping or sleeping on the floating raft. Tourists will feel a true nature. Due to there is no electricity in the reservoir and no phone signal, there is only an oil lantern for light. But there is a small local food restaurant. It is better to bring your own food. Although there are only a few conveniences, but happiness can be found here greater than in the city. However, it is open only 12 August - 31 March of every year. In the closing season is to improve the ecosystem of the forest and the nature itself.

Location: Dan Chang district, Suphan Buri province

Kra Seaw Dam

Kra Seaw Dam is the longest earthen dam which was built on Kra Seaw Stream, the main stream from Tha-Chin River. This dam has a plentiful of nature and a large breeding fish waterland. There are lots of many large fish species in the dam. Also, this place has a beautiful scenery. Many people that used to be here usually said that Kra Seaw Dam is the place where you can see the most beautiful scenery of sunset in Suphanburi. It is the place where you can see the sunlight have gradually changed, see the sun move slowly down to the top of the mountain. 

Or if you want to see a local lifestyle, this is a good place to learn. Especially in the morning, many fishermen go out and bring fish trap to get some fish is a very beautiful view. At the end of the dam, there is a freshwater beach that people usually go playing water. Or if you come in almost the end of rainy season, there will be many plant species from the forest for sell such as termite mushroom, bamboo shoot, Phak Wan, and honey. Also, there is a small shop which sell food, so we can order and picnic. In the winter, the weather is very nice especially the tent site near the dam. So, you can enjoy and recharge your energy before get back to work.

Location: Huay Khamin, Dan Chang district, Suphan Buri province


Time passed, and many things have changed. Especially a local lifestyle which rarely see nowadays. Baan Kwai is a preservative area over 70 rais which contains not only a water buffalo ranch, but also features the authentic rural lifestyle of farmers in Thailand’s central region. The area is separated into many parts such as rice-threshing, a local farmer village, buffalo stall and you can explore traditional Thai homes on stilts with a new theory of agricultural project or the rarely old traditional house which was created from Thai ancestor knowledge such as Plai Na wooden house, or Sri Prachan house. 

In each house, various feature in different types of folk knowledge such as traditional Thai medicine, traditional Thai massage, indigenous herbs, and Thai astrology are shown. In the village, there is a traditional farming show which use buffalo in an old agricultural way and a buffalo talented show. Moreover, on every weekend and holidays, there is E-Saew song show which is a local Suphan Buri song that is rarely see nowadays. Also, there is many knowledge activities for students to learn about a traditional Thai farmer and enjoy the old farming which is a good activity to learn traditional Thai way.

Location: Sri Pachan district, Suphan Buri province


Agricultural Promotion and Development Center, Suphan Buri

The wordSuphan Buri heaven garden” is the nickname of this place which is given from tourists due to its stunning scenery. Actually, this place is the promotion and development career center or the plant breeding center. It is a research center to promote agriculture for a local people, together with being a travelling destination. This is the largest decorated flower garden of the west which a flower-lover must like it. Over hundreds rais area, there are many plants whether a leaf-type, a fruit-type, or a flower-type. 

In the flower season, the center will hold a flower festival for each flower that blooms around the year. It is good spot to take a picture. Such as Winter flower festival, Sunflower festival, Starship festival, Tulip for new year festival, Rose for Valentine festival, and Siam Tulip for mother day festival. Besides, there are other flower species which are planted all year such as Gladiolus flower in the front garden. And there are 2 large lotus ponds which are an international lotus and Thai lotus. Also, there is an orchid, winter plant, flamingo flower plant glasshouse. You can buy a cheap and quality plant back home. However, there is a festival calendar in the website. The center is open 8.30am - 4.30pm daily.

Location: U-Thong district, Suhan Buri province


Suphan Buri local food

  • Raan Arhan Kanab Nam: Good food and nice view restaurant. Recommended menu: Pla Chon Pao Kluer, Tod mun Plagrai, and grilled prawn
  • Pattankarn Nopparat: An old restaurant aged over 40 years with Chinese-Thai food. The location is opposite Wat Pa Lelai. Recommended menu: Plama Nueng Se-ew, Koong Mae Nam Tod Kluer, Or-Suan, Moo Mantou
  • Raan Kua: A small restaurant which has a tasty food. Recommended menu: Tod Mun Koong, Pad Thai Woonsen Koong Sod, Yum Tua Poo
  • Surachai Pla Pao: Surrounding by a nature scenery. Recommended menu is Tomyam Kai Plachon, Plachon Na Aop Fang, Plagod, Plamor Pad Cha, Pla Koong Ten, Lab Pla
  • Raan Jod Yen Jeab: A famous freshwater fish menu with tasty dipping sauce restaurant
  • Hong Arhan Guimong: An old Suphan Buri restaurant with Thai-Chinese food. Recommended menu: Any processing menu with Kung Mae Nam, Nue Plagrai Pad Krapao Kratiem Tone, Cherng Plagrai Tod Kratiem Prik Thai. Located in Bang Pla Ma district
  • Pad Thai Je Noi: An old Pad Thai with a wet tamarind sauce and quality ingredients.
  • Kuay Tiew Dern Dong: The noodle of this restaurant is different from other noodle shop because it is a dried noodle with dipping sauce and fresh vegetables. Also, there is other noddle with great taste.
  • The Mill’s Cafe: A cute coffee shop with an English style on the riverside in the city. Selling coffee, beverages, and bakery