5 Cool places for cashless society

“Cashless Society” trend has been introduced to us for a big while. However, many people are still wondering where they can go and try out this lifestyle. We suggest these 5 cool places that are already a cashless society both in Thailand and international.

1.Chatuchak market; It is time for shopp

This is one of a well-known market which is very popular among tourist and Thai people. Do you know that the shops here are not that normal! Because the Merchant POS (Point of Sale) system has been implemented in many shops. It is the system that supports the payment whether via prompt pay and QR code. So, no need to worry about cash or queuing at the ATM for buying anything at Chatuchak market. Just scan the QR code or transfer via prompt pay at the shop. This is so easy!

Besides, there is the Chatuchak Guide application for everyone which includes maps and searching function in this big market. You do not have to worry that you may get lost anymore. Moreover, you can find shops that support Merchant POS system for cashless society. This application supports both iOS and Android and can be downloaded at iTunes and Play Store.

2. Kasetsart University; The cashless st

Being this university student, life is more advanced than the others because Kasetsart University is currently creating a completely cashless society. There is KU application which supports every financial transaction. Every student has their own QR code for spending both inside and outside the university. Moreover, this QR code can be used for classroom check-in.

Surely, all students have this QR code, so all inside-university shops also have a QR code. For anyone who has friends or cousins or has a chance to go to Kaset Fair, you can try this cashless society life.

3.Shanghai; The most advance landmark fo

China is one of the most famous countries for the big e-commerce business. It is no surprise that this major economic city of China is the most advanced landmark for the cashless society because most merchandises and people who live in Shanghai have their own QR code. Moreover, some shops have a “No cash” sign at the front. 

Not only shops and services but also bicycle rental that does not need a staff anymore. You just go to the rental spot which is everywhere and scan the QR code at the exit gate for payment. Spending 24 hours in Shanghai and no need to has cash at all.   

4.South Korea; Cashless shopping at Kimc

South Korea is the country that shows a clear determination that it will be the cashless country in 2020. So, there is a prepaid system and smartphone payment all over the country.

From this target, discount rate and other privilege are the way to persuade people for online payment. Therefore, it is no need to carry a lot of cash when you are going to South Korea anymore.

5.Sweden; The cashless society paradise

Average cash spending rate around the world is approximately 70% of overall paid activity but it is less than 20% in Sweden. Or you could say more than 80% of payment in Sweden is via credit card, prepaid card and mobile application payment. 

The most important reason is all retailed in Sweden can refuse cash payment from the customer and it is OK by their law. You cannot pay the public bus fare in cash and all shops and customers are also not required to carry cash. This is the cashless society paradise.  

From our 5 recommend places, you can see that cashless society is actually happening. So, if you have a chance, do not forget to try or live in our recommend places and no need to carry cash at all!

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