6 methods to save the energy for Work from Home

What is better than staying in the cool air-conditioning room in the summertime. As many people are working from home now in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Certainly, working from home all day makes the electricity bill go up because of the consumption of computers, air-conditioners, and fans. Some may get shocked when they find the bill. These are 6 saving tips for work from home.


1. Choose a sufficient lighting area

So, you do not have to turn on the light. For example, setting a working table next to the window to get natural light or some outside area under the roof to get enough light. If you are working at an apartment or house that cannot get natural light, LED bulbs will help you. Set the light-time as the same as in an office such as 9.00 - 12.00 then turn off at noon break and return at 13.00 - 17.00.

2. Set the notebook to sleep mode while you are away

Reducing the screen brightness and set to save mode to reduce battery consumption rate in case of turning on the notebook

3.Choosing LED bulbs instead of normal bulbs

LED bulbs are better and more saving than normal bulbs. Although LED bulbs are more expensive than a normal one but in the long run it is more economical. Moreover, LEDs give more lumens than normal bulbs and they are more environmentally friendly.;

4. Open the windows for natural wind and light

Instead of turning on the air-conditioner all day, let’s try to open the windows to get natural wind and light. The method is to open at least 2 windows to get air ventilation flows. So, you get the wind to reduce the temperature and no need to turn on the air-conditioner. If you need to turn on the air-conditioner, try increasing the temperature to 26-degree Celsius together with turning on the fan which also helps save energy. More information

5.  Stop wireless gadgets when no connection is made

Some people are using the iPad and Notebooks or wireless headphones for online meetings. You should turn off them immediately after you stop using them. Although there is no connection, they are still working and consuming energy to survive. Also, no need to plug-in the notebook if it is fully charged to reduce the energy consumption rate

6. Headphones with wire is more saving

Headphones with wire for online meetings are more saving than wireless ones and the price is also cheaper.

Apart from those 6 saving tips, the simplest way is to switch off all appliances after using them. Furthermore, electricity payment can be made without going out via SCB Easy Application. Save the fuel cost and traveling cost. More information click


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