New ideas for landscaping Plant beautiful and edible ornamental plants

The world today is spinning so fast that many People are getting tired of running around the world. I want to turn to a slow life and turn back to nature more. Many people are interested in agriculture. Turning to grow vegetables in a non-toxic kitchen garden to eat at home more. But did you know that besides we can grow vegetables in the kitchen garden to be food that is safe for the family? We can also decorate the landscape. Make your home garden beautiful with many types of ornamental plants, both beautiful and edible as well. Instead of just making a beautiful garden I chose a multi-purpose tree. Especially long-lived perennials Planted once, can benefit many things. You can taste, watch and show the beautiful garden in our house to the envy of neighbors.

Master in landscaping with edible ornamental plants It will be different from the concept of growing vegetables in the kitchen garden. Because the main function of ornamental plants is beauty and shady. Most of the trees must be long-lived. It is not a herbaceous plant that has to be planted again and again like a vegetable garden Choosing an Edible Ornamental Plant Should choose not to grow too fast that makes it look cluttered and takes a lot of care and must have a stem that is not large or poisonous It does not cause allergies or attracts poisonous insects and animals into the house including branches must not be brittle, easily broken

In addition, the garden must be arranged so that every tree receives adequate sunlight. get the shade you want But at the same time, it does not block the sunlight too much that makes the house dark, and does not block the wind direction. In addition, the key to choosing an ornamental plant is to choose a wood that has beautiful forms, beautiful colors and is auspicious to return home. The more it is an edible plant, it has medicinal properties. It's a home herb as well

Let's take a look at what plants are worth planting in our garden.


Perennial plants Should choose fruit trees and provide shade as well, such as mango, tamarind, lime, coconut, star fruit, quince, sake, rose apple, guava, orange, jujube, many of which are considered royal plants for you to growers. or perennial plants that can eat leaves such as chamuang, acacia, neem, horseradish, olive, moonshine

Tall shrubs and medium-sized shrubs, for example, if desired as a fence line, there are sweet vegetables, acacia, kumquats, mulberry, kaffir lime, trimmed to shorten the canopy, garuda nails, bamboo, cassia.

Low shrubs and ground cover plants such as kood vegetables, plantains, pandanus, galangal, ginger, galingale, jasmine ears, Yanang, or grow aquatic vegetables such as lotus leaves, Japanese duck vegetables, lotuses, as well as vegetable gardens that can be trimmed to form a beautiful canopy. Relatively long life, do not need to be replanted often, such as basil, basil, basil, dill, green cabbage, chaplu, pepper

There are many types of flowering plants that are perennials that have edible flowers, such as kale, bougainvillea, salami, or shrubs like sesame, okra, cassia, tuberose, or creepers that can be edible or used to flavor food, such as butterfly pea, Chomnad, Kajorn, fragrant plants such as jasmine, cat's milk, rose, wood. Tubers such as dahlia are unusually beautiful and taste good.

In addition to the above plants, there are also good ornamental plants. Many kinds of edible wood If a house is new to landscaping, it might be worth discussing who likes to eat or what kind of plants. Do you have a favorite menu that you want to collect a single product from the tree in your house to eat? Without being tired do not need frequent care like a vegetable garden usually, growing edible ornamental plants is less burdensome to care for than herbaceous plants. Because most of them are long-lived especially if you choose a species that is indigenous like the weather and soil of our home, the more it reduces the burden of care. It is also naturally resistant to indigenous diseases and insects. Just create new landscaping ideas. Our home will have both food sources and a beautiful garden to admire as a shade that gives happiness and pride to the homeowner for a long time.