Difference Between Currency vs. Cryptocurrencies

Currently, there is a growing trend of investing in cryptocurrencies. But there may be doubts as to how cryptocurrencies are similar or different from current deposits, can they be transferred, paid for goods and services through the application or not?

Currency or paper money (Fiat Money)

is money that is used today. It can be tangible and used by government mandates. Therefore, the value of money will depend on responsible fiscal policies and laws. Its benefit is that it allows central banks to better control the economy.


Currency or paper money is legal in all countries around the world. because the government can control the production and is stable This allows regulators and governments to cope with recession and inflation. This allows this type of money to act as a tool for storing value and facilitating exchange


Although currency or paper money is considered a stable currency. But not always because during the recession. Some shortcomings may be seen, for example, the central banks of different countries have tighter policy controls. But it can't stop a recession or inflation.



For cryptocurrency, it is an electronic unit of information. created to serve as a medium for exchanging goods, services, or exchange with other digital assets; can be used as a medium for exchanging goods and services if users agree with each other.

While cryptocurrencies are still not considered “legal tenders” by most central banks around the world, there are some popular cryptocurrencies. Among those who believe that the future will play an important role in the financial world future investment


Cryptocurrency turnover rate happen quickly It can be traded instantly, so speed is a standout feature. At the same time, operating fees are lower than the current financial system. and high privacy as users do not need to reveal their identity to complete transactions.


Cryptocurrencies are quite elusive and highly volatile. That's why it's important that regulators remain concerned and need to study carefully before liberalization.


currency or paper money



Money issued by the government of each country used as a medium of exchange Its value comes from the balance between supply and demand. as well as the stability and credibility of the government or central bank.

Cryptocurrency crypto assets and traded currencies. There is volatility according to the market mechanism. It is not currently legal currency. Because central banks around the world have not yet recognized

Issued by

Central banks of different countries

The coin issuer can be anyone.


Legal in every country

Some countries are still not legal.


Diversified very high liquidity

The payment of goods and services is not yet thorough.



Because it will be stored in the bank, there will be a Database system to store data for transactions. therefore, can be attacked or interfered easily

Because it uses blockchain technology to store data which is a data collection system without intermediaries Data is protected and is shared and stored as a local copy of everyone using the same database. This makes it possible to check and not be able to edit the information. therefore, have high security Very difficult to attack or interfere


will be kept in the bank account cause when there is any transaction bank or government agency will be able to check back

Due to the person holding Cryptocurrency will keep the money in their own digital wallet which will not disclose the amount kept Including the location of the wallet makes it impossible to trace back.


Current currency or paper money It is also a cornerstone of the global financial system. Versatile and convenient at the same time, cryptocurrencies continue to grow and develop and play a role in the investment and exchange of goods and services. Therefore, it is worthwhile to study and understand both cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies. Lawrence to prepare for future changes