Food Delivery business with 4 apps satisfying Vietnamese people

Online food delivery business is continuously growing. According to the changing lifestyle Just click into the mobile app Favorite food will be served home easily. Today, Vietnam is no different from Thailand. Using the online food ordering service is one of the popular choices among the new generation. The growing trend of this business Is expanding more and more every day

  • 99% of Vietnamese people who completed the GCOMM1 questionnaire in 2019 ordered a minimum of 2-3 online meals per month and 39% of these people ordered food online via the app 2-3 times a week.
  • $ 33 million is the value of online food purchases that Euromonitor2 surveyed in 2018.
  • $ 38 million is an online food order that has grown by 11%, according to Euromonitor2's forecasts for 2020.
  • 23% are online food sales that Imarc3 expects to grow in the years 2019-2024.

From the rapid growth of the Online Food Delivery business, food and beverage operators in Vietnam So rose up to declare war to seize market share fiercely, led by 3 giant apps and 1 new app to watch.

1. Grab Food

  • Launched in Ho Chi Minh City June 2018 but overtaking, becoming the number 1 market today
  • Fastest food delivery, average 20 minutes per 1 order, 4
  • Have your own kitchen There is a specific Grab Food menu.
  • According to a Kantar report in 2019, found that

      - 81% of Vietnamese people in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi     choose Grab food 4
      - Make orders increase 250 times after launching in 1 year and expanding to 15 cities across Vietnam 4
  • Grab Food becomes Southeast Asia's largest online food delivery. 5

2. Go-Food

  • Online Food Delivery, the second place that has won the hearts of young Vietnamese people
  • Food delivery service giants from Indonesia under the brand Go-Jek
  • Various promotions Can compare food prices and shipping costs with competing brands
  • There are many restaurants joining the network. Multi nationality


  • Authentic Vietnamese food delivery service company Which has always been popular with Vietnamese people
  • Dominated the street food restaurant market
  • All menus are national food of Vietnam


  • The newest brand from South Korean ginseng Released in June 2019
  • Providing services under the brand is sponsored by Woowa Brothers Corp.
  • Value promotion for food and delivery fee
  • There are many menus ranging from luxurious menus in the restaurant. Up to street food
  • The app is easy to use, bright colors, please the new generation. Causing the present to successfully win the hearts of the Ho Chi Minh people 6

The online Food Delivery business in Vietnam has become the fastest growing star business of this era. Even if it's not an easy thing and there is high competition in the market But it is considered an investment opportunity for Thai entrepreneurs that may make a lot of profit from this business in the Vietnamese market

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