Penetrate the strategy to transform the 130-year-old organization "Osotspa"

Transforming an organization to survive and thrive in an unpredictable world. It is extremely challenging. and will be doubly challenging If the organization is large It has lived for more than 130 years and is based on a family business. Stories from Khun Wannipa Bhakdibutr, Chief Executive Officer of Osotspa Public Company Limited in the course Mission The Boot Camp of Advanced Corporate Transformation. is therefore interesting full of useful aspects.

Experiences from multinational companies to the mission of pushing the Thai family business into the public


Prior to joining Osotspa in 2016, Khun Wannipa had cultivated knowledge and experience from multinational companies for about 30 years. Family business to IPO as a public company. which at that time Khun Wannipa was not so sure about her success with the difference in corporate culture between foreign companies and Thai companies which in the beginning must be carefully considered how to manage many existing subsidiaries afterwards is to do to provide the organization with being a public company This means that there must be rules and regulations for compliance, including culture and talent that must be thoroughly studied.

The vision of organizing a new army of a large company that has a lot of silos and layers, therefore it is very challenging. Including the creation of agility, the creation of missions and values, as well as various subsequent processes that take some time and eventually can lead to Osotspa Listed on the Stock Exchange in the 4th quarter of 2018

Virtue to adjust the army for IPO to be immune against COVID


Processes That has created and incubated for listing in the stock market is a public company became a preparation for Osotspa to become familiar with "Change" because when the COVID crisis has come to create enormous vibrations for every life and business in the world. A company that can move to cope with the situation quite promptly. The army was allocated into 3 parts: the group that had to go to the factory or the lab to work at site, the sales group to sell stuff, and the office group. Work from Home. Started using MS Team to stop using paper. Adjust the work process, bring digital to use more. It's been 2 years until today. more flexible Emphasis on work efficiency.


In the organizational structure itself It has been adjusted to suit, for example, from 12 layers to only 5 layers, resulting in flexibility, number of employees from 5,000 people to 3,000 people. who did not know the background of the staff before make various actions with fairness, straightforwardness, with good intentions and sincerity, with Take Mentality to the Maximum.


If it's a foreigner company There will be a management tool, Strategy Paper, along with Organization Chart and Key Process, but Thai companies are different. The more organizations have many businesses must be studied in many dimensions see corporate culture corresponds to a great strategy in order to look forward Find out whether to continue or not, and how.

Transformation begins with “people”.


Osotspa personnel Have a very high love for the organization Just lacking the opportunity to update yourself, so adding knowledge and skills is essential. Ms. Wannipa sees this strength. Because I believe that the Talent and Cultural stories that have been forged are very valuable. Money Can't Buy While Digital Can Still Buy.

In terms of Key Office format, Khun Wiranipak is credit to Khun Petch. good fortune that transformed an office similar to a government ministry to be more in line with the new working

style Hundreds of rooms have turned into an open plan, a beautiful, modern office that Osotspa has invested in. And very important, with a distinctive feature of "no garbage bin" to reduce waste disposal. and adapting to being a Digital Office, even a printer There are few and far. Digitalness will follow.


Small things, but it sends a signal of change, for example, if employees return home. You have to keep all the things on the table. The office is beautiful, clear, clean, so when a COVID situation occurs Everyone doesn't have a table. And everything is free space, so it's not difficult.


Build an army of leaders is a strong force


When the COVID situation comes have learned that What is most wanted and needed is leadership which have various expertise together on each side take care of a lot of strength which is a great challenge because the supreme leader I don't know everything about everything. It is also necessary to build leadership in various manager groups. especially The condition that employees do not come to work at the office all the time How will it be taken care of and allocated? Finally, the heart is Productivity or effectiveness in work. must know the work of team members well manageable which these leaders will always be coached and discussed To see the development and have continuous engagement.

Transform an organization in Osotspa style


Framework that Khun Wannipa uses to change and drive the organization Starting from a SWOT analysis and setting goals for what kind of organization you want to be, then Set Ambition, along with clearly specifying the time to reach that goal, such as 5 years, then make a Road Map and Just Do It!


For the process of making Along the way in Business Strategy and Execution there may be mistakes. Learn and improve but must not deviate from the image placed which, of course, along the way will be tired requires a lot of energy Because it really drives the organization into life force. to consumers in this society.


In addition to the various values ​​that the organization prioritizes whatever is the strength pushed to the fullest to become stronger because it will be very helpful To lead the organization through times of challenges, weaknesses, if ready So gradually came back to fix


Digital Has come to play a role in various work processes For example, Focus Group Consumer Research has been changed to Online Research and has In-house Social Listening, energy drink lid exchanging activities have become M-Points, the sales department has changed from list paper to Sale Tool and there is still Trying to make more use of Data Analytics, both Power Bi today and developing AI in the future, which is a huge challenge.


In addition, the understanding of trends and changing customer behavior after the covid situation must not be overlooked, for example, people interested in health, reducing sugar consumption, consumption in the house - outside the home Including carbon reduction technology, etc. Above all, you must know the identity of the target group, who is the main consumer of each type of product.


According to Khun Wannipa's point of view believe that the path of Transformation still have to continue to fry continually Because the world is constantly changing, above all, organizations must be precise in their own Agenda because of Business Strategy that will lead each company to survive and prosper in an era where the world is unpredictable. It has to be your own style!


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