From An Insight Online Seller to “Manee Social Commerce”, A Real Online Store Manager

Now that online business is booming, anyone can enjoy doing online marketing through diverse sales channels such as Shop, Marketplace, and different types of Social Media Platforms. The life of online sellers seems not easy. Apart from daily Live Stream Selling to attract and ignite customer attention, online sellers have to take orders, chat with customers, check the stocks, and pack products right away. It’s quite tough at times! SCB truly understands the nature of online sellers so launched “Manee Social Commerce”, new features developed on Mae Manee app to be key solutions for online sellers, to solve all their Pain Points starting from the sales process until the products reach customers, to make the life of online sellers easier and also boost greater sales.

SCB reveals the daily life of Online sellers

Online selling is now in the era of tremendous competition and helps facilitate customers with a wide variety of shopping channels; for instance, buying from Market Place like Lazada, Shopee, or from shops on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, IG, etc. Khun Orarat Chutimit, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Executive Officer, Retail and Business Banking Group, SCB mentioned the growth of businesses on online platforms at present. She reveals that the E-commerce market value amounted to over 2.2 hundred billion Baht in 2020, an increase of about 35% from the year before. It’s expected that the market will grow exponentially higher than 57% in 2022 or valued at 3.45 hundred billion Baht. She also predicts that “The competition in online marketing will be more aggressive and those who adapt themselves first will have an advantage over the other”.


SCB Mae Manee teamwork conducts an in-depth study of solo online seller groups. Khun Piyamas Siriwat, Senior Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Business Banking Non-Lending Product Division, SCB, shares an insight gained from conversations with customers that “Online sellers spend most of the time every day creating content, chatting with customers, checking stocks and packing products. Online sellers usually sell products through several channels. The Paint Point mostly found in solo online sellers is they handle multi tasks alone so can’t manage to chat with customers in a timely manner through various channels. When the reply is delayed, the sellers may lose their customers. Another frequently- found challenge is customers want to make credit card payments or make installment payments for high-ticket items but they can’t do that because the sellers don’t have an EDC (Electronic Data Capture) so they lose sales opportunities. There’s also inventory management which most sellers handle by handwritten or creating Excel files. The problem is when selling products through multi-channels, they forget to balance stocks and that causes product shortages. In the case of Live stream selling, when customers send CF, the sellers have to jot down orders and spend time at late night to arrange those orders”.

Khun Orarat suggests that “When sorting out all problems, they turn out to be Day-to-Day management for online selling in more than 1 channel, unorganized product inventory, delayed chat with customers because of multi sales channels, and customers can’t make installment payments. We realize that those online sellers are too hectic to manage time to study or develop their full potential. All those challenges will be solved because SCB understands the Pain Points of the online seller group. That’s why we have developed new features on the Mae Manee app in the form of Manee Social Commerce, a real and professional online store manager”.

Mae Manee, 3 New Features to Support Online Selling “From Order to Delivery”

Manee Social Commerce
has been developed to fulfill online selling application in particular. The system supports offline stores that can possibly extend to online channels, online stores that aim to increase more selling channels, including online stores available on multiple platforms, and need an easier and more convenient management system. Manee Social Commerce includes 3 core solutions as follows.

1)  Social Commerce: Manage your store by Manee Social Commerce, a professional online store management system to create online sales volume completely in just one app, in cooperation between SCB and Shipping Co., Ltd., a system provider.

Mae Manee app can support everything. For example, inventory management, receiving orders from multiple channels like; Marketplace – Shopee / Lazada Social Media – Facebook / Facebook Live / Line OA. All chat channels are gathered in one place so customers won’t miss a chance and it’s easy to close sales. The app connects to Facebook Live, can pull comments and organize customer orders, summarize sales volume, send bills and collect money. The features also connect to leading transport companies such as Thailand Post / Flash Express / Kerry Express / J&T / SCG Express including orders from all channels. Customers are able to select the transport company and they’ll pick up products at the store once the packing is ready.

2)  Payment Fulfillment: Support full payment with Mae Manee Bill

Provide various payment channels conveniently, easily, and securely for customers. Online sellers send a payment link to customers via social media or chat channels, and then customers just click that link to make the payment right away via SCB EASY app or credit card, debit card, QR Code via mobile banking available for all banks. Besides, installment payments can be made via QR, credit card, and debit card. As a result, it helps accelerate customer decisions to buy high-ticket items.

3)  Merchant Engagement & Loyalty

-  Enhance skills to grow sales by a free online course with Manee Academy

While the business world is spinning faster, it’s essential to upskill your knowledge to keep pace with stern and aggressive competition such as, How to take product pictures to grow sales, How to use Live Streaming to increase sales, Getting to know successful businesses on Social Commerce, etc. This course will sharpen your skills to cope with the online world so you’ll be able to elevate your store. The course is easily accessible anytime via Manee Social Commerce. You’ll always stay on trend!

Join Manee Redemption Points Program & Rewards. More sales, More points.

All transactions made through Mae Manee app and completion of an online course will turn out to be collecting points for online sellers which later can redeem for special rewards from Mae Manee campaign, or for delivery discount code.

Khun Orarat finally adds that “SCB is pleased to deliver comprehensive solutions to customers. Besides the features to help manage daily online business, Mae Manee also offers “Digital loan” available for online sellers who need the budget to extend their businesses. You just have a bank account or make transactions via Mae Manee app for only 6 months, and you’ll be able to apply for a loan without submitting an additional documents. If your request is approved, you’ll receive financial amount promptly and be able to spend money as you like”.